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Rules are necessary to existance.

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  • epicFAIL_


    #30327291 - 10 years ago

    Everywhere you go, you need to have rules. Lest people get out of hand and destroy themselves, and everyone around them.
    Hey, I think it's pretty damn logical.


    ONE. Everyone has their own opinions and ideas, which is something everyone needs to respect.
    TWO. If you feel the need to spill a rude comment...don't. I'm not afraid to neg. And trust me, i'll be around.
    THREE. Facts are great, as long as you actually know what you're talking about.
    FOUR. Speak like you do normally. Dnt tlk lyk dis. It is really, really irritating.
    FIVE. Make sure to check the forums. Don't make a topic about a book that was already done. That'd be a waste of space.
    SIX. Figuring out an alternitive to someone elses' idea is one thing. Making them look like an idiot is another. Don't do it.
    SEVEN. Make friends. Don't be shy! We won't bite your head off...cannibalism is frowned upon here. Sorry to all you Cannibals out there.
    EIGHT. If your thread is going to have explicit material posted on it, make sure to place this, [M], in the title. Spare us, please.
    NINE. Have fun!

    I hope that those aren't too difficult for anyone to handle. If they are...well, too bad. Get over it. You can leave.
    Enjoy the forum, and take advantage of the oppertunity you have been given- the chance to discuss great literature!

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