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  • Abyss2


    #32737633 - 4 years ago

    This thread is for APPROVED characters only.

    Below is the character format. Please PM me with your tentative sheets, and I will go over them.

    Also, keep in mind, you're making essentially what equates to a "Level 1" Character, and while magic is not rare, not everybody has magic talent.

    Nickname (if any):
    Religion (if any):
    Place of Origin:
    Equipment (if any)
    Magic (if any):
    Reason for journeying to the Bounty Office in Lycara: (EVERYBODY IS STARTING IN THE SAME LOCATION SO I CAN KEEP TRACK OF YOU FUCKERS)

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  • agentindy


    #32737634 - 4 years ago

    Name:Kazes Lowborn
    Nickname (if any):
    Race: Artificial Changeling
    History: "...Kazes grew up in a fishing village with his mother and father. He was let in on his ancestry early on, about how his grandmother was the feared Splicer Magus Rysa, and that he wasn't like any other Changeling he would ever meet. In order to prepare for the day that Rysa would come for his son, he taught his son Marked Skin, runes, and the ritual for empowering his runes to be even stronger by crafting his own Yggdrasil in his own body. When Kazes turned sixteen, his father recieved a letter from Rysa, saying that she requested that his son come to the Mages College by the time he turned eighteen for an examination and collection of valuable data, along with instruction in his history. Knowing it would be a very long time before he saw his son again, Ren taught Kazes how to tap into his own personal Skin of the World , allowing him to manifest madness into the world for a short time.

    After a farewell, Kazes traveled for months to reach Lycara, in order to get some experience and money to assist him to go all the way to Umoja, and join the Mages College. He came into the city poor, with only his clothes on his back, and the precious metals stored in his shoes."
    -Excerpt from the full history, this is the part which is immediately known to Kazes

    Strengths:Decent skill at martial arts
    Rather good caligraphy skill
    Knowledge of the Basic Runes
    Student of the unique martial art style of his family, the Marked Skin
    Can tap into his inner madness through the bloodline of the Skin of the World, but only while in situations of extreme stress
    Can sacrifice parts of himself to grant himself greater levels of runes.

    Weaknesses:Can not perform any sort of ordinary arcane magic that is not runes.
    Can not alter his skin to disguise himself, only to draw on his skin.
    Does not know how to use weapons other than his body
    Can experience bouts of madness if stressed
    Has the identifying features of pasty grey skin and black-looking blood

    Equipment (if any)A grey sleeveless vest, a pair of black pants, and a satchel. He also has an an iron ingot, a handful of copper coins, a few silver coins, a single gold coin, and a tiny piece of platinum.
    Magic (if any):
    Rune magic(The application of symbols to affect the world, which will be gotten into more when he finally meets a proper instructor, or hangs himself upon Yggdrasil. He knows the runes for 'Sharpen', 'Harden', 'Push', and 'Embrittle' at the moment, with several ways to learn more.)
    Runic Skin(His skin can alter itself to draw on himself with metals he has consumed, which are stored in his bones)
    Marked Skin:(A martial art that involves the split second alteration of the users skin with runes. The key tenets of this fighting style involve disarment, weapon breaking, along with the usage of runes on both the body and inscribed them on other surfaces. He currently can harden his skin, sharpen parts of his body, 'push' things away that he makes contact with, and can use the rune 'embrittle' to weaken the durability of objects. This style of fighting has proven useful against people using actual weapons, along with weaker magic users.)

    Personality:Kazes is a brash youth, who holds a secret enjoyment of fighting. He respects those that defend the weak, but despises hypocrisy in those that claim to be doing that. He has a pretty active sense of human, and likes to crack jokes. His sense of honor extends to others who are willing to meet him on even ground, but the moment that someone uses an underhanded tactic on him, he won't hold back.
    Reason for journeying to the Bounty Office is Lycara: He is at the Bounty office in order to put his skills to use to make money, so he can eventually get to the Mage's College in Umoja.