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Peoples of Titania

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  • cote117


    #32760957 - 4 years ago

    Day Dwellers: Lovers of the sun and the day, the Day Dwellers make up the majority of Titania after the great war that nearly destroyed the planet. The beings that make up the day dwellers consist of Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Lamia, Inari, and Neko.

    Dusk Dwellers: Tainted by the night, yet retain their sanity and sense of good, the number of Dusk Dwellers have been rising in number. while many had died out centuries after the great war, towns and sections of cities hold a great number of them. Many of the day dwelling races have transformed to this darker parody of their species, although they mostly consist of Duskborn (Humans born with the corruption.) and Kitsune, and Echidna .
    While many of the Dusk Dwellers bask in the sun trying to feel a semblance of normalcy, though the Twilight hours will always be their most comforting times.