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Land's and Cities of Titania

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  • cote117


    #32766433 - 4 years ago

    Land of Misteval

    Azutite Halls: Originally a mining town, it grew in size after the discovery of massive Veins of Malachite and Azurite. Now a booming industrial city run by mining companies, and crime.

    Twilight Falls: Twilight Falls was at first a colony for the first Dusk Dwellers of Misteval. Located inside a grotto within the falls, the Colony grew to the size of a small city the more Dusk Dwellers moved in. Surprisingly, the City has a low industry, keeping the grotto and surrounding area natural and relatively the same.

    Solania: The capital of Misteval, this shining city is a haven for the uppercrust, while it's slums hold nothing but misery for both Day dwellers and Dusk.

    Mages College of Misteval: One of the many Mage towers of Titania focused on the advancement of magic. Whether your a Day Dweller of Dusk, they care less so long as you hold their Ideals of learning all you can.

    Mechastone: The Largest Industrial zone in Misteval, Mechastone is Run by the Machine Cult, and is the leading producer of both military grade and domestic weaponry, along with Augments for those who have either been wounded or can afford the enhancements.