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  • cote117


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    Race/Species: (No night dwellers. Day only, (Dusk is restricted, must ask admin for permission))


    Disposition (Personality):

    Field of study/Occupation:

    Powers and abilities: (Be reasonable. this is the natural abilities of your character. Nothing OP)

    Character description/image:

    Weapons: (Two Max. Tier two technology)


    Stats: (45 points to dispense)

    Strength- (Determines how much punishment your character can dish out, along with strength based obstacles)

    Perception- (Determines what they can see, detect, and feel. also determines use of firearms)

    Endurance- (How much they damage they can take)

    Charisma- (How much others like them.)

    Intelligence- (Determines how powerful they are as a mage or how smart they are technologically.)

    Agility- (Determines how well they can dodge, along with overcoming obstacles)

    Luck- (Effects all traits.)


  • cote117


    #32760899 - 4 years ago

    Name: Marius Decant

    Age: 22

    Gender: Male

    Race/Species: Duskborn

    Orientation: Straight

    Disposition (Personality): Calm, Analytical, Loyal, Creative, Focused, Blunt, Crude, Secretive at times, Slow to trust others, Sarcastic

    Field of study/Occupation: Thaumaturge

    Powers and abilities: Immune to the Taint, Can sense Night Dwellers, Taint Absorption (Clears areas full of taint, making him stronger for a short time.) Eldritch Channel (Unique to Marius, channels the Ambient Magic for his spells)

    Character description/image: Eye color- Violet

    Weapons: Enchanted Broadsword called Spellweaver (Same as in image) 5.56mm Revolver called The Bitch Slapper

    Bio: Marius was born in the slums of the city Azurite Halls. Originally a mining town, it grew in size after the discovery of massive Veins of Malachite and Azurite. Being born a Duskborn, life for him was already hard. For years he worked the mines, being paid piss poor wages, as his mother whore herself out to put food on the table. Every day was a new hell, and by the time he was 16 he was already getting into trouble with the local gangs. When he was 18, Marius was attacked by one of the many local gangs, during this attack, one of the great mages from the Citadel had been watching, and soon learned Marius' potential as he unknowingly channeled the ambient magic and killed half the attackers in Eldritch fire. As the rest of the gang fled for their live, The Mage approached the confused teen. Explaining o him what happened, the mage offered to take Marius up as his apprentice. for the next 8 years, Marius studied and mastered both the Eldritch and Thaumaturgic arts along with modern combat.


    Strength- 7+2

    Perception- 5+3

    Endurance- 7+3

    Charisma- 5+0

    Intelligence- 10+6

    Agility- 5+0

    Luck- 6+1

    Other: Has an outstanding hatred for bigots. Never misses, has a thing for Lamia/Echidna/Shirhebi

  • WTFcobalt


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    Name: Synoan

    Age: 26

    Gender: Male

    Race/Species: Day dweller, heavily augmented Human.

    Orientation: fuck that noise!

    Disposition: Despite a quite serious occupation, loves practical jokes and fairly calm no matter the situation and not one to get vulgar.

    Field of study/Occupation: Machine Cult Enginseer. (Techpriest)

    Powers and abilities: Ability to communicate with machine spirits, mechanical arms can repair tech or even himself depending on the damage as well as use his rifle, can convert enemy machines to fight for him and allies.

    Character description/image:

    Power axe representing the Machine cult.
    Lasrifle held by machine arm:

    Bio: Born in a Hab-center in Mechstone and accepted into the Machine Cult at an early age, he studied the workings of machines and technology all throughout history. After years of study, he took up a position as an Enginseer for the militaries of Titania, seeing it as a less dull alternative to the keeps of the Mechanicus or the forges of his home, he began his journey with his first stop at Embershard.

    Stats: (45 points to dispense)

    Strength- 6 + 2

    Perception- 7 + 1

    Endurance- 7 + 3

    Charisma- 5 + 1

    Intelligence- 9 + 3

    Agility- 5

    Luck- 6 +5

    fuck them toasters

  • cote117


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    In reply to WTFcobalt, #3:


  • StarWarsNeko


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    Name: Kat

    Age: 12

    Gender: Female

    Race/Species: Shirohebi

    Orientation: Bi

    Disposition (Personality): Bloodthirsty Pacifist (loves the sight of blood and pain, hates to cause it), kind, innocent, inexperienced -_^

    Field of study/Occupation: Medic!!!

    Powers and abilities: Bone weaving : Allows the user to manipulate bone and bone marrow while in closer proximity to the subject. Bone can be grown, knitted, moved and if the spell is usedincorrectly crushed, snapped or disolved. Touching the subjects skin takes little energy. Standing next to the subject will make the user a little tired. Any further distance risks self harm.

    Extremely Deadly Poison : Able to produce poison deadly to most mortal beings naturally. Can be administered through biting or scratching. With the right ingredients becomes an extremely effective healing salve or anti toxin.

    Knowledge of healing alchemys : Self explanatory

    Fireball : Create a fireball in the hand or mouth to be thrown or spat. Affected by gravity. Larger the ball harder to throw/spit and more energy is consumed. Tends to burn the users palm/tongue.

    Character description/image: Kats upperbody is that of a young teenage girl with small breasts and light blonde nearly white hair. Her muscles are very well defined and she exercises alot to keep her form but not for practical use. Her scales start at her belly button. They are completely see through down to her hips showing her odd muscles and red blood. She tends to cover this part with a sash so as not to gross other people out. These scales then turn bright white diwn to the hips and beyond to where her knees would be. They then turn to large thick black scales very abruptly. These go down all the way to her large snake head which has red eyes and somd little gold whisker things sometimes seen on snakes or dragons.

    Kat wears her hair long and free, brushing it often to keep silly smooth. She wears ared wrap over her naughty bits and midsection and sometimes will wrap both her heads to assure people they went bite. The material is rather easy to see through when covering the eyes. Kat carries two large satchels, one hold bandages and splints while the other holds glass vials of poison, anti poison and other potions.

    Weapons: Healing stick : A short branch from an old white tree. Has No healing properties itself but aids in conducting healing magic and tends to grant the user more control over said magic.

    The Last Word : Rapid firing pistol with medium range and little recoil. Rather large yet light to hold.


    Bio : Kats mother was an irresponsible mother. She was a Shirohebi who practiced magics well beyond her own skill levels. Most were aimed at manipulating her own body and others. Then she went and got knocked up but kept on going even when she knew she was going to bear children.

    Her mother grew very impatient and began using spells to accelerate her pregnancy without any proper precautions. When Kat burst from the womb she was already overdeveloped. Her mother then found that she had a extremely long tail for her size and a giant snakes head where the tip should be. Still impatient the extremely painful age progression continued making her a teenager before stopping. Her mother then continued experimentation which included exposure to various elements and odd foods as well as trying to transform the snake head into other things as well as ascertaining pain thresholds.

    Kat was then named after her mother's pet snake when her mother finally tried to teach and communicate with her snake head. Further abuse and magics later and finally someone found out about what was happening. Kat's mother was arrested and she was taken to the mage tower. At this point she was a hugely malformed and violent mutant that had to be contained in a straight jacket and cage at all times. No one was even allowed to touch her or risk melting from her toxins that oozed from her every orifice.

    The mages began repairing her. It took years to reverse all the horrid spells and abuse. Eventually they succeeded and got her to the state she is at today. Her mind was wiped fully and she was adopted by one of the tower mages who cared for her and taught her kindness and healing. Despite this she still had a keen taste for blood and often drooled at seeing her patients bleed as age psyched them up or took some blood to test for viruses or poisons.

    Now Kat has become a roaming healer, looking for fresh battlefields to help the hurt and dieing. She is discriminated and teased for her snake head tail but she either ignores them or has the head bite at them which tends to quickly shut them up.

    She has yet to locate a lover and wants to join an army or something so she can care for the wounded and see the beautiful sight of blood stained battlefields, and be paid for it rather than have to try and find them herself And bit be paid or have to pick through the dead to find a potential living one she can watch bleed for a bit then fix.


    Strength- 6+3

    Perception- 10+1

    Endurance- 10+3

    Charisma- 1+4

    Intelligence- 3+5

    Agility- 5+2

    Luck- 10


    (I forgot to fit this in somewhere)

    The snake head itself went brain dead during the tests Kat's mother had performed on her and has not recovered. Instead the mages rewired its brain to simply be an extension of Kat. Kat claims that sometimes the head speaks to her but the mages claim this is simply not possible. Kat teens to use the head as a feeler and enjoys biting things she is curious about much like a shark. This is of course frowned upon by her few friend who don't enjoy being in her snake mouth.

    (TADA!!! )

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  • cote117


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    In reply to StarWarsNeko, #5:

    Other than the Stats being fixed the only Problem I have is the bio since Lamia in this world are mammalian, but that can be overlooked. Other than that. Approved

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    Just remove the egg part then, wasnt sure so i added egg just in case.

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