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  • CAB


    #30022722 - 10 years ago

    Tell us about your interest in model railroading!

    I model HO scale, based roughly around northern New Jersey in the regions across from New York City. Since i was a child i'd always been fascinated by the electric trains or the Northeast Corridor.

    My layout right now is a 4x8, but i have plans for something bigger.

  • Kazick

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    #30022723 - 10 years ago

    I try to build HO, but with limited money and space I am forced to build on my computer desk a small shunting line. Or as I have set up now a large oval running around part of my living room. I do build small routes for Trainz Railroad Simulator 2006 but yet to have post any for download on the TRS06 site.

    I one day hope to have enough money and space to build an 1 inch scale railroad, but I dont have lots of cash or land.

  • Weps


    #30022724 - 10 years ago

    I model HO aswell. Mostly freight and military transports, my layout is only about 3x6, based on a depot near here. I want to base it on a huge naval port/air feild/motor pool based on Kings Bay and Fort Knox mix. I'd have sub pens, and destroyer dry docks, a carrier, a Coast Guard contingent, a good sized airfeild (big enough for C-17's), and a big army/marine depot. I'd also have some civilian docks, and frieght ports. But the freight yard is going to take up about 65% of the layout, and I'm going to have track running to small bunkers/ammo stowage buildings, warehouses, ect...

    Right now I've only got some small vehicles (M48's, a HUMVEE, M47, and an M88A1), I've got two engines, a D&H yard engine, and a Santa Fe passanger puller, I've got two DODX flats, a gondola, yard crane, two coal cars, and a 50 ft. flat, a caboose, and some cars (two box, and a grain). This of course is all used I bought from a local shop and club, trying to build upon it, but my job isn't the best