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Guitar Hero World Tour- IGN Review

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  • SD2520


    #30022907 - 10 years ago

    Neversoft returns to the stage with a solid, though somewhat disappointing, performance.

    In a nutshell, decent, but still lacking in a lot of ways.

  • whtsnk58


    #30022908 - 10 years ago

    Bring on the Guitar Hero fanboys! smiley6.gif

  • maniaofidiot


    #30022909 - 10 years ago

    In reply to whtsnk58, #2:

    Wouldn't consider myself a fan because you can't Idol an inanimate object, but I do like the game. And I prefer it over Rockbands inacurrate strumming system.

  • doganddog


    #30022910 - 10 years ago

    It may be inaccurate but at least it has better graphics and a better disign choice.Besides,World Tour stole the complete band idea from rock band.Better songs,easier locating bandmates,and it's much more entertaining.But hey,thats my opinion.You dont like it,say something instead of bitching that i dont know what the fuck im talking about.Sorry for cursing but i just hate people who think they can say what they want and think what they say is better.Im open but i just think Rock Band has a better disign and was thought out more.