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  • Weapon


    #614190 - 14 years ago

    Ok, I give props to anyone doing this. Not many people can memorize music, much less movements, much less while wearing a 30 pound uniform, and carrying an instrument. I play Sousaphone on the field, but its what I love. MARCHING GEEKS OF THE WORLD SPEAK OUT!!!



    #614241 - 14 years ago

    lol band is great, takes loads of skill and concentration, play trumpet

  • Weapon


    #614244 - 14 years ago

    In reply to DOINKHEAD, #2:

    Awesome. How big is your band? Ours is tiny, we have around 40 people. We need a trumpet, transfer!!

  • JKwikkel


    #614248 - 14 years ago

    Trombone. "Nerdalicious" Marching band rocks.

  • Weapon


    #614249 - 14 years ago

    In reply to JKwikkel, #4:

    Yep. What does everyones shows look like? Ours is kinda short, 5:30, we have 3 songs, around 25 moves. Its like a Swing/Jazz feel, playing Jump, Jive and Wail, Flip Flop Fly and Best Years of our Lives from Shrek



    #614252 - 14 years ago

    are band is a 5a monster 190 people



    #614253 - 14 years ago

    we have some hard core shostokovich its mixed and rewritten specially for a band so im really not sure wat the exact pieces are

  • Weapon


    #614255 - 14 years ago

    In reply to DOINKHEAD, #7:

    Yeah, we didn't get a writer this year, mainly cause we're 3A, and don't have the tools, but we will next year. Unfortuantely, I graduate THIS year. The band loses the major players, me, my friend the Trombone player, my other friend the Baritone. Thats pretty much the entire low brass, since our understudies suck it big time. All we have left is 1 good trumpet



    #614259 - 14 years ago

    In reply to Weapon, #8:

    i have a competion at north carolina, i have to leave tomorow after school and it will take my entire weekend, but we get to go to some theme park so its cool.

  • Oswin


    #614263 - 14 years ago

    I am in a marching band...and a fairly good one at that....


    We won UIL 4A State Championship in Texas!!!!!! BOOYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Weapon


    #614265 - 14 years ago

    In reply to Oswin, #10:

    NICE. We might have seen you guys. At the moment, next Tuesday we are heading to UIL in Conroe. WE're the only 3A, so we advance Auto to area, but then we'll prolly get a 3. Lots of n00bs in the band.


  • RDM


    #614266 - 14 years ago

    In reply to Weapon, #11:

    my marching band went to texas 4A state marching competition. we only came in 14th. but being number fourteen out of a few hundred is still pretty bad ass.

  • Oswin


    #614267 - 14 years ago might not see me...I...ahem...failed English....*turns away in shame*...

  • Weapon


    #614268 - 14 years ago

    In reply to Oswin, #13:

    SHAME!!! SHAME!!!!! Our proigram sucked, after going through so many director changes. We had a shitty one for like 2 years, that wanted us to do dance routines like Prairie View and stuff. i hated it. We couldn't play for shit since he never tought the new kids, just wanted them to dance. He go t canned.

  • Oswin


    #614270 - 14 years ago

    Yes well...there are two kinds of competitions....UIL is more like real marching...BOA is more like what you described....I LOATHE BOA!!!!! BOA takes no skill!!! All you do is get a bunch of color guard to dance around!!!!

    But ya....we lost one of our 4 directors this COLLEYVILLE!!!! THOSE RICH BASTARDS!!!!!!!!



    #614272 - 14 years ago

    DUDE totally agree. boa is all about wat show looks the coolest, not best technique or anything. and they made are band go second last year and first the year before, so we are abandoning boa and going to a competition in north carolina instead



    #614273 - 14 years ago

    and tarpon springs are losers they murder everyone there and they dont have a drum line. Wtf is with that

  • slothdizzle


    #614275 - 14 years ago

    WOOT i play marching snare, its my 7th year counting middle school.

  • Weapon


    #614276 - 14 years ago

    In reply to DOINKHEAD, #16:

    Yep, it sucks ass. Hard

  • NyteMare


    #614302 - 14 years ago


    I'm in the hawkeye marching band, which is the University of Iowa's marching band. We have about 240 people, so we're a pretty big band. I play the lovely little piccolo, and yep, I have to memorize my music. This wouldn't be nearly so hard if we didn't perform a completely different show for every game, meaning we have to learn entirely new drill and music every week or two. It's tough, but it's a lot of fun, and I actually get some exercise due to it.

    So yeah, go band!

  • gurabo_chico


    #614308 - 14 years ago

    Balboa High School, Panama (which is closed down along with the bases in Panama)



    #614309 - 14 years ago

    i have a friend who is upsessed with iwoa, he is in band too lol. ill have to tell him.

  • Raveon


    #614311 - 14 years ago

    I used to be a marching band dork. Then I graduated college. But I loved doing marching band in highschool. I played the alto sax.

    You all should find this pretty funny, especially if you have seen the American Pie movies....The first girl I dated in college was a red headed flute player lol. How hilarious is that.

  • amalfushi


    #614313 - 14 years ago

    I play the bari sax at our little school. i kinda hate it cause our band does both marching and concert and we are pretty good at concert.

  • Tb0ne


    #614315 - 14 years ago

    I am proud to state the fact that I was a band geek in high school and continue to be in college. Our high school band had a 120 people in it and we kicked ass, we put In the Spring at the TIme When Kings Go Off to War on the field if that means anything to any of you. I'm also going to try out for the Seattle Cascades this Winter, a division 1 DCI corp. BONERS RULE!!!!!!11 Tromboners that is.