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  • mattiecore


    #1110390 - 14 years ago

    Let me start off by saying that when I searched for threads concerning Weezer, the only one that was dedicated to them was dealing with the single Beverly Hills. This thread, however, is more just for people's general comments.

    Personally, Weezer is my favorite band. They have been since the day I first heard Pinkerton.

    While I love the blue album dearly, Pinkerton is and probably always will be my favorite Weezer albums, as well as one of my favorite albums of all time. The blue album was very important though, considering it's timing. It was released during the dying days of "grunge" and had a huge impact. A lot of younger kids really loved this album because they had never heard anything like it, and it sold a lot.

    Pinkerton, however, was a different story. It's release was a commercial failure. Of course it become a cult hit, but Rivers didn't see that until later. Pinkerton was what Rivers considered to be his opus. To date, it has the most personal lyrics and most heartfelt songs out of their entire canon. Rivers saw Pinkerton as a failure and was very reluctant to continue writing personal songs. During this time, Matt Sharp (bassist) left the band and Rivers went back to Harvard to further his education.

    This stint is what caused such a drastic change in their sound. When Weezer went back to record, they picked up Mikey Welch on bass and recorded the green album. The green album is the perfect pop-rock album. It sold, for sure; people were eager to get their hands on new Weezer, after having gone 5 years without a new album. Many people, though, were disillusioned by it. Fans were discouraged to find that Rivers had tried his best to escape from personal lyrics. To a lot of people still, the songs seem fake in some way or another, and to an extent, that may be founded in truth. But it is what it is.

    After Mikey left the band, Scott Shriner came in. With Scott, they've recorded Maladroit and Make Believe. Maladroit was definitely much harder than any other album. Rivers let loose with more solos for sure. This album is what I like to think of as their most Kiss-influenced album. This album is really kind of an oddball. It feels like their trying to fight fans' backlash from green album while still making a new, interesting, but different album from the rest (it is oddly enough their worst-selling record).

    With Make Believe, their newest, at think they're finally at ease with themselves. This album seems like a very good cohesion of all their previous sound. Their first 4 albums all sound as if they are independent, as if they could have been recorded by four different bands. Make Believe really sounds like an amalgam of all the first 4. I think that lyrically, Rivers is more comfortable trying to be more personal again. While it's not Pinkerton-personal, it's getting there.

    Anyway, that's my synopsis.

    Post your thoughts (sorry if I bored you)

  • biosword

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    #1119140 - 14 years ago

    Yeah they are great, i just bought their new album and i can't stop listening to it. My favorites have to be Perfect Situation, My best friend, and Haunt you everyday. I have all their CD's except the blue album because my friend has been an ass and won't let me copy it. i would buy it but i can't find it anywhere :(. They rank up really high on my list, next to Sum 41 and the Killers

  • DefineMisery


    #1121889 - 14 years ago

    Yes Weezer is incredible. I have glasses like the singer and I adore them. They have incredible music, I don't care who you are!

  • mattiecore


    #1137391 - 14 years ago

    In reply to biosword, #2:

    The intro. to Perfect Situation reminds me of Simple Pages from green

    Peace is probably my favorite song off the new one

  • lorddavid3


    #1139209 - 14 years ago

    i liked their song beverly hills but thats the only song i heard from them

    check out my profile plz

  • Foxkil


    #1168592 - 14 years ago

    I actually only heard a few singles that Wheezer had back when they first started, and back when I was in high school. I remember that a friend of mine had that blue album and played it for me many years ago. I felt kind of lukewarm about it and didn't end up pursuing the band until recently when I had a duplicate CD and was looking for something to swap for it. Then I saw Make Believe and I though, oh, what the heck, should be fun. I had already heard the first song on the radio, Beverly Hills, and it was very much in the same vein as the previous singles I'd heard and had been such big hits for the band, namely The Sweater Song and Buddy Holly. The rest of the album was a bit of a surprise though. I found it had a lot of range from heartfelt rock ballads "The Damage in Your Heart" to heavier punk-esque songs like "We Are All On Drugs". Having listened to it a few more times I appreciate it more than the first go-'round in which I felt that a lot of the songs didn't seem to really "belong" to the band. They didn't seem to have a hitch that made you instantly say to yourself "Oh, that's a WHEEZER song!" Of course, when you try and broaden your pallette you inevitably lose that sort of quality. I also tend to be vocal-centric and while Rivers has a very appealing voice there's nothing that makes it particularly distinct. That said, there are several subtlties that I'm starting to pick up on and the songs have a catchiness to them that keep them repeating in your head. Now I guess it's time for me to go back and review some Wheezer history.

  • UnRumble


    #1172972 - 14 years ago

    I was addicted to the blue album for the longest time, every song is awesome. I've really only heard pink triangle off of pinkerton but I'll check out more stuff by them.

  • GenghisRon


    #1179572 - 14 years ago

    I was addicted to the Blue Album for a while too. That and PInkerton are two my favorite CDs. My favorite song is Say It Aint So because I can rip that song up on guitar

  • JoanDeArc


    #1202706 - 14 years ago

    I love Weezer, but haven't heard Make Believe yet, because I'm a slack slack person.
    Has anyone heard this stuff? :
    It's so hilariously funny, and I love the video.

  • Landonnnn


    #1204207 - 14 years ago

    Yeah, guys like most of the people here are only weezer fans becasue of the new album.
    frankly, i been a fan since blue album.
    Im 16, and I seen weezer three times live.
    I was a fan since i was like 12.
    I got to talk to mikey the old bassist from weezer when they played at warpted like in 2000.

    so, my favorite cd has to be pinkerton becasue its like a story, you know? from the beg. all the way to the end.

    and blue is like a comic book, its so childish and inacent i love it.

    landon <3

  • Jordan_Hass


    #1205923 - 14 years ago

    weezer is okay in small doses

    For Example Beverly Hills is a good Song

  • PsychoDonkey


    #1208251 - 14 years ago

    I strongly dislike Make Believe, We Are All on Drugs is quite possibly the worst Weezer song ever, imo, of course. I like a few songs on it- You Really Freak Me Out is my favorite on the album.

  • mattiecore


    #1208876 - 14 years ago

    In reply to Landonnnn, #10:

    I get to see them for my fourth time in July....and it's free! haHA!

    That's cool that you got to talk to Mikey. I really wish, though, that Matt Sharp was still in the band. He added a lot of dynamic to the stringed elements of the songs.

  • mattiecore


    #1208886 - 14 years ago

    In reply to PsychoDonkey, #12:

    Well, it's Freak Me Out, but I'm just picky.

    What about Haunt You Everyday? or Peace?

  • mattiecore


    #1208895 - 14 years ago

    In reply to GenghisRon, #8:

    That's one of my absolute favorite songs to play on guitar. It's so much fun.

    (Yes, I know triple posting is a big faux pas here, my apologies.)

  • DoodIRule


    #1210055 - 14 years ago

    Pinkerton is still in my top 5 albums. I absolutely love them. Their new stuff wasn't really up to par but Pinkerton was solid gold.

  • meteoraga


    #1271609 - 14 years ago

    "this is such a pity" and "haunt you everyday" are my 2 favs on Make Believe.

  • BaconCompany


    #1276229 - 14 years ago

    I think that when it comes to Weezer, at least in my opinion, their other CDs will never leave the shadow of the Blue Album. The Blue Alubm has and always will be their greatest album.

  • mattiecore


    #1300685 - 14 years ago

    In reply to BaconCompany, #19:

    Not even Pinkerton beats it?

  • BaconCompany


    #1301891 - 14 years ago

    Don't get me wrong Pinkerton is a very good album, but to me the Blue Album best shows their Weezeriness.

  • mattiecore


    #1311623 - 14 years ago

    What exactly defines their "Weezeriness" though?

    I mean, every album has had a different sound.

    Everything that was recorded pre-blue album sounds different than the blue album.

    They have continually changed their sound.

  • LedZeppelin4


    #1312563 - 14 years ago

    I saw them live during there Green Tour, they were awsome. I agree with mattiecore, Pinkerton is there best album, but my favorite song is Only In Dreams. I only hope they will start playing like they used to because i find they let themselves go after the green album. No matter what, WEEZER ROCKS!!

  • mattiecore


    #1312799 - 14 years ago

    In reply to LedZeppelin4, #23:

    In what sense did they "let themselves go"?

    I'm just curious

  • mattiecore


    #1322506 - 14 years ago

    In reply to elfofcha0s, #25:

    Maladroit and Make Believe are actually a lot less mainstream than green album my opinion, at least

  • no2lies


    #1322863 - 14 years ago

    I like their songs, I enjoy the Make Believe album, but I have an interesting story about why I don't care for their name.

    See, when my younger brother and I were little (think 4 and 6), "weezer" is what my mother decided to call my brother's penis. So even now that I'm older, I still have a visual of a penis whenever somebody mentions Weezer.... even if the image has been updated since I was 6. yeah. Good band though...