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  • samuas


    #1546770 - 14 years ago

    who is your favorite rapper
    kanye west
    50 cent
    cam ron
    Tony yayo
    juelz santana
    mephis bllek
    young gunz
    beanie sigel
    j z

  • samuas


    #1546774 - 14 years ago

    kanye west

  • Hostile


    #1546889 - 14 years ago

    Dude, It's spelt "Xzibit". :/

    And the best rapper to ever breathe is Tupac. The best rapper still breathing is Busdriver.

  • samuas


    #1546911 - 14 years ago

    what ever and i still say kanye

  • Arbitar


    #1547153 - 14 years ago

    i'm actualy a metalfreak, but i have to say that 2pac propbaply was the best rapper ever,
    busdriver to, he's fucking fast!

  • skylike36


    #1548151 - 14 years ago

    im gonna have to agree with hostile-tupac is the best rapper but as for the rapper that is still breathing im gonna go with kanye west

  • Gooding


    #1549827 - 14 years ago

    Tupac was the best, in terms of lyrics (Eminem closely flollowing (just listne to Kim if you don't agree). I also enjoy DMX and busta, X is cool too. May be a little "controversial2 but I don't think Kanye is a "true"£ rapper, just a damn good artist. Not heard his new album though, so could be way off.

  • swade


    #1550008 - 14 years ago

    Well---- *sigh*.

    Kanye's skills on the mic are average. Kanye is, however, one of the best producers in the game right now. Personally, I'd take 9th Wonder, but that's just my opinion. Anyone who thinks Kanye's one of the best MCs in the game right now needs a little guidance. No knock, I'm just sayin'.

    Straight lyrically, these are the guys who do it for me, and these are guys who are still in the game:

    Immortal Technique
    MF Doom
    Mos Def

    I love Busta's old stuff, but after "E.L.E." (one of my favorite albums ever), he's really gone down hill. Badly. DMX's last "great" album was "Flesh Of My Flesh...", and even then I wasn't a huge fan.

  • swade


    #1550023 - 14 years ago

    Oh, and Talib Kweli. Almost forgot him.

  • samuas


    #1557983 - 14 years ago

    emineman 50 cent are good with lyrics bit i think kanye's new songs have excelent rtmes

  • Skeaser


    #1558029 - 14 years ago

    Kanye and/or Twista

  • arqi


    #1558293 - 14 years ago

    on that list= eminem
    my favourtie rapper= eyedea

  • 02sonny


    #1558535 - 14 years ago

    From the list, DMX, before the crack, airport, and car jack.
    Favorite Rapper, Chamillionaire

  • silverkitten


    #1561299 - 14 years ago

    kriss kross has got to be my favorite rappers of all time! lol (if you know them than you know i'm not serious)
    i am serious though when i say my favorite rapper MC solaar...

  • Gooding


    #1561680 - 14 years ago

    Damn, I guess RUN DMC were good?

  • thomasgun


    #1593786 - 14 years ago

    Public Enemey. Terminator X style. Yo.

  • thomasgun


    #1593791 - 14 years ago

    *typo Public Enemy

  • AryaStark


    #1593946 - 14 years ago

    In reply to swade, #10:

    I like Mos because of his flow, but I like Kweli because he has more work out and has better lyrics.

    Gift of Gab is awesome as well. Also KRS-One would be high on my list.

  • Sgt_Pepper


    #1596393 - 14 years ago

    Sugar Hill Gang - Also the only rap i like at all

  • xanathar212


    #1599919 - 14 years ago

    50 cent

  • Codename47


    #1600620 - 14 years ago

    xzibit - Good
    dmx - Good
    kanye west - Shit
    eminem - Shit
    50 cent - Alright
    cam ron - Alright
    Tony yayo -Shit
    freeway - Shit
    juelz santana -Shit
    mephis bllek - Shit
    young gunz - Alright
    beanie sigel - Shit
    j z - Alright
    g-unit - Fucking shit

    Tupac Rules, then Snoop Dogg!!
    Twista's Pretty cool too!!

  • teh_p3t3r


    #1601402 - 14 years ago

    Mos Def is pretty good.

    Fifty Cent is overrated.

    The Game sucks. I even have to state the obvious (One of the greatest rappers ever)

    Everyone forgets about Biggie, except me.

    However, I know many will not agree with me, but I think the BEASTIE BOYS are among the best rappers ever.

  • Gooding


    #1601555 - 14 years ago

    You know, Biggie was almost a better rapper in my books. His lyrics were maybe not as good, but his rapping style was wicked.

  • samuas


    #1601678 - 14 years ago

    code name what do you have aganst rackafella

  • Codename47


    #1601813 - 14 years ago

    In reply to samuas, #25:

    No idea!!

    I also reckon Bone Thugs and Harmony are sick!!!!!!!