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  • ipwnthenewbs


    #2285783 - 13 years ago

    Jeesh, Where's the Elliott Smith thread?

    Great man, great music. Made Conor Oberst look like the poster boy for prozac. Poor guy. Anybody else here a fan?

    And lets please not talk about his death, his life is a better thing to think about.

  • yonex47


    #2286494 - 13 years ago

    Fuck yeah man. Either/Or and XO all the way.

  • imbenurnot


    #2290682 - 13 years ago

    Elliott Smith was an amazing artist. I really wish that I heard of him earlier. My first exposer was "Needle in the Hay" on the Royal Tenenbaums soundtrack.

  • Tuni


    #2780628 - 13 years ago

    Yea, Elliot Smith is a great artist, really talented too, Shooting Star has got to be one of the craziest songs I've heard in a while, I love the beginning.

  • ipwnthenewbs


    #3012387 - 13 years ago

    Anyone get that leak with all the unreleased material? It's really good.

  • imbenurnot


    #5119494 - 13 years ago

    Southern Belle

    This is probably my favorite Smith song. I'm starting to get into him again. If only I could find my copies of his albums...

  • Black_Label


    #5129483 - 13 years ago

    You liar!

    You do not pwn the "newbs".

  • arular


    #7590756 - 12 years ago

    bump (am I allowed to do this here?)
    he is AMAZING
    i just about cried of joy after I heard about new moon, and then again after I purchased it.
    Listening to recordings of his late live shows just about kills me though.
    If anyone hasn't heard any, they're heartbreaking
    he forgets the lyrics to songs and how to play them
    at times it is hard to listen to them, well for me anyway.

  • yonex47


    #7681054 - 12 years ago

    Still love Elliott Smith.

    I love the song Whatever (Folk Song in C) off of New Moon.