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  • acdcfanbill


    #2436558 - 13 years ago

    War Pigs by Black Sabbath.

    fucking awesome track, some of ozzies best work w/ the band imho.

  • zackr


    #2440747 - 13 years ago

    Knees up Mother Brown & Kiss Me Goodnight, Sergeant Major

    Then again, they probably AREN'T the type you're looking for.

  • poland626


    #2515065 - 13 years ago

    yeah, I meant like Kayne West Style like his song Jesus Walks

  • HumperFi


    #2515107 - 13 years ago

    Iron Maiden - The Trooper
    Iced Earth's album "Glorious Burden" as mentioned in the thread before. It has a lot of war songs from different time periods.