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  • FallenRogue


    #4762591 - 13 years ago

    Hell ya Angels and Airwaves is a Kickass band I like their song The Adventure and the music video to that is cool too

  • FallenRogue


    #4775572 - 13 years ago

    In reply to ATLbraves, #98:

    you lucky bastardd those are both Kickass bands

  • omglag


    #4790845 - 13 years ago

    anybody notice that tom acts kinda fruity now that he's out of blink 182? no disrespect or anything but, in the music videos he looks more like robert plant than the old tom that jumped around and joked about incest and stuff

  • 043will


    #4792907 - 13 years ago

    In reply to omglag, #101:

    I think he acts emo now.

  • Capri_Sun


    #4812750 - 13 years ago

    OMG they rock!!!!my fave songs Good Day. I herd the most idiotic fing in the world last week, on the blink 182 forums sum1 sed that the reason blink 182 broke up was that tom delong had died!!!

  • cubswsw07


    #6249513 - 12 years ago

    Angels and Airwaves is a great band, i saw them Live Nov.10th. Tom was great, David was too. But it was too bad about blink-182. I loved blink-182, and Angels and Airwaves are gonna be BIG.

  • cubswsw07


    #6530188 - 12 years ago

    Sorry guys but Angels And Airwaves is going to be put on hold for a while

    One for the Kids is a rumored upcoming album from blink-182. In 2005, blink-182 went on what they called an "indefinite hiatus", although many believed that the band was actually breaking up for good. During the time of the indefinite hiatus, blink-182 member Tom DeLonge created a new band, Angels and Airwaves, while the other two members, Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker formed +44. In mid-2006, Hoppus and Barker confirmed that blink-182 had indeed broken up because of differences between them and DeLonge and could no longer get along. However, in late 2006, DeLonge confirmed that he, Hoppus and Barker will release one last blink-182 album, stating "We're going in to make one last record for all of our fans and then it's over."

    "On the 3rd December, 2006, Tom DeLonge spoke to K-Rock Radio about the rumors about Blink-182 making one last album in 2007. Tom was asked the question about the trio being reformed once again, which he stated, "it's absolutely true. Mark and Travis are all up for it. We feel we owe a lot to our fans. We want to dedicate this last album to them. They totally deserve it." Tom also admitted it was good to talk to the guys once again, "Mark and Travis were really good about whole thing. I've missed hearing their voice over the phone. They still sound so hot," he joked.

    DeLonge has stated that there isn't a title for the album yet, but is hoping for them to start recording their new album in January, 2007."

    On November 29th, 2006, in the KROQ Christmas issue, frontman Tom DeLonge has discussed the possiblity of a blink-182 reunion to make their very last album, entitled "One For The Kids", then after the release the band will be officially over, thus ending the long-awaited hiatus that had started on February 17th, 2005 to May 2007.

    Although very little information has been leaked so far, some fans are wondering how the bandmates are going to record the album, especially after the tension Mark and Tom have created from Tom's mysterious and 'unforgivable' leave. It is possible that the bandmates may put aside their issues and record the album together. Or, some speculate, the members will record a demo, leaving the studio for the other members of the band to continue/add more material to the track.

  • ilikemuffins


    #6829280 - 12 years ago

    this band is awsome, they sound slightly like blink.. but im sad bcause tom grew his hair and to me it doesnt really suit him

  • ScaryThing


    #6837799 - 12 years ago

    I honestly cannot stand A&A. I love +44, but really really hate A&A. You might or might not, that's fine.

    But I was really excited about their album's release. The single sucked but I bought the cd anyway. I returned it the day after I bought it and used the store credit to buy a poster.

  • ac4490


    #8642029 - 11 years ago

    The New Album is the greatest, its twice as good as their Debut. Tom is doing well for himself after leaving such a successful band. Their Cd, Movie, and documentary is going to awesome thing to watch and listen to!!!

  • Acewavelink


    #10334304 - 11 years ago

    Totally saw AVA at warp tour and thought they freaking rocked! I can't wait to see them in concert at their own show.

  • CRS1990


    #10452737 - 11 years ago

    I've just bought there 2nd album, Blink 182 were legends. I should try out +44 also.

  • halo_lord


    #10525300 - 11 years ago

    Ridiculously, Tom is releasing an AvA themed album(their style) and a get this....


    He's never losing his roots, He couldnt give it up.

  • ipwn007


    #13823438 - 9 years ago

    Seeing AvA tonight at the Rams Head Live in Baltimore with Say Anything. Can't wait!!! LOVE is an amazing album (and it's free for those who don't know,, download it free!!!). I was checking out the set list for the tour and it's pretty good but I wish they were playing more from We Don't Need to Whisper. Oh well, it'll be great.

    I wish I were going to the fan club soundcheck but my girlfriend isn't a fan club member and only members could register to go so I didn't want to have to leave her alone.

    smiley12.gif Tom DeLonge!

  • Tom_Delonge


    #14421554 - 8 years ago

    Many thanks to all the fans. You guys rock. :]