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  • MustyMung


    #2475757 - 13 years ago

    I have not heard a band that has been so innovative and enjoyable at the same time. Other bands with a sound this unique sometimes can be hard to approach, or even barely listenable. The Birthday Party is a good example, i love that band, but it's takes effort, focus, and a lot of energy to get through an album of theirs. Animal Collective though are unique and endlessly listenable. I haven't had this much fun just listening to an album in a long time. I'm listening to the new album "Feels" right now, and i might like it even more than "Song Tungs." Are there any other fans here? Anyone seen them live?

  • SloeBombFizz


    #2476185 - 13 years ago

    here comes the indian... nice

  • MustyMung


    #2476241 - 13 years ago

    killer man. I haven't done much of the "who are these guys and where do they come from" research for Animal Collective, so thanks for the link.