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Janis Joplin and Big Brother

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  • imbenurnot


    #2502148 - 13 years ago

    Does anybody else on the forum appreciate Joplin? Her singing was beyond soulful, and the band rocked hard (listen to "Ball and Chain" for a perfect combination of both). She embodied the San Francisco counterculture scene. Also, her favorite Beatle was George (fun fact :-) ). Sadly, she fell victim to the 27 curse by overdosing on heroin. I have never seen her name mentioned on here and was just curious as to what everybody thinks of her.

  • TheOx129


    #2503564 - 13 years ago

    In reply to imbenurnot, #1:

    Amazing singer, though she was sometimes a little over-the-top. But, then again, "excess was best" in those days. Anyways, I'd say the two best albums with her on it were the legendary Cheap Thrills (with R. Crumb cover art!) with Big Brother and the solo album Pearl. Big Brother's self-titled debut on the Mainstrem label definitely had some strong material (particularly "Down on Me" and "The Last Time") on it, but it suffered because of rushed recording and thin production. However, it's still not the throwaway some would say it is.

    Joplin's first solo effort, I Got Dem Ol' Kozmic Blues Again, Mama, was definitely a transitional album, though I find it underrated. The short-lived Kozmic Blues Band actually featured a full horn section. Unfortunately, the album suffered due to a shortage of quality original compositions (hell, there were only eight songs on the original album), and covers like the Bee Gees' "To Love Somebody" were erratic. However, "Try (Just a Little Bit Harder)" is one of her best soul outings and "Kozmic Blues" is another great track. However, I especially like the sole outtake from the Kozmic Blues sessions, a cover of Bob Dylan's "Dear Landlord" (which adapts surprisingly well to the soul-blues atmosphere).

  • Anethesia


    #2505436 - 13 years ago

    When she died she left money to her friends to have a party "on her"

  • MustyMung


    #2524853 - 13 years ago

    In reply to Anethesia, #4:

    When she died she left money to her friends to have a party "on her"

    That is friggin awseome. The rockers from that time sure as hell knew how to go out with a bang. I love Janis, though I don't know a ton of her music. I agree with most of what "Imbenyournot" said. I think she does have an amazingly rich and soulful voice. The imperfections form into a sound that is entirely unique and demands attention.

    A funny story, someone i was in a play once, lived in the village across the street from a bar that Janice would frequent. By frequent i mean she would go there and drink a fifth of whisky and then warble at the top of her lungs. This friend of mine does not like Janice because of this and prides herself on having yelled at Janice to "Shut the hell up!" out of her window. This woman's a classically trained singer, so her appreciation for a voice that clings to it's imprefections is perhaps a bit less than the rest of us. She's still a pretty cool woman, despite her distaste for Janice.

  • RaoulDuke


    #2525317 - 13 years ago

    Ah, Janis...gravel-throated, boozed up angel. Has anyone seen "Festival Express?" You basically watch her drink herself to death in that movie.

    I've always been a huge Janis fan, probably because I'm lucky enough to be the son of a proud owner of an oft-played original vinyl pressing of "Cheap Thrills." Man...I'm inheriting soooo much good vinyl when Pops kicks it.

  • imbenurnot


    #2527580 - 13 years ago

    In reply to Magic_Elf, #3:

    I disagree. She may not have that smooth, radiofriendly voice, but she can freaking sing. Her voice, imperfections and all, leaves an impression. Nobody sounds like her; her voice is her own. The intensity in it is stunning. Thats why I think she has a great voice.