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Mark O'Connor

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  • opeagleeye


    #2579967 - 13 years ago

    Without a doubt the number one fiddler in the world. He played a concert at our high school recently with a local group known as the Daline Fiddlers. Quite frankly, he is amazing. Post if you love him as much as I do. Somebody on this website has to like fiddle music. And hot swing.

  • Lellow


    #2580636 - 13 years ago

    What kind of style is it? Classical? Country? Folk?

  • opeagleeye


    #2581959 - 13 years ago

    He plays swing music. Jazz blues. But all with the fiddle. Its called hot swing, and its pretty amazing. And above, that local group should be the Saline* Fiddlers.