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  • viewdrix


    #3817757 - 13 years ago


    Anyone heard them? This is my favourite band and album right now. In 3 days, I played their single The Great Escape over 80 times, making it the most played song in my iTunes library.

    I recommend you check out their music videos (Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt and The Great Escape). Really good music, and the videos were directed by Akiva Shaffer of The Lonely Island, who's been directing all the SNL Digital Shorts on Saturday Night Live lately (including Lazy Sunday). Their website is also good for a laugh.

    I'm going to go listen to The Great Escape 20 times back-to-back.

  • Nightmar3


    #3817944 - 13 years ago

    i've heard of them, but i didn't really want to hear any more of their music. i'm sure they'll be really big soon.

  • blackhack


    #3818152 - 13 years ago

    I hate them with a burning passion. They will not see the light of day. Muuahahahaha

  • jimmythemod


    #3834022 - 13 years ago

    there good im not a big fan but i'll listen to them

  • charleylady


    #3834977 - 13 years ago

    Heyyy, good music.
    I love them
    a lot.

  • TheGreekMind


    #3843217 - 13 years ago

    I was just thinking about posting this thread. WAS is awesome. Their songs are addicting. Their music is simple, but great. And I learned the bassline to "The Great Escape". I just started learning bass, but it's really easy.

  • klitz_kouper


    #3857920 - 13 years ago

    They are awesome. Fuckin amazing. You know who else is good, We Are Wolves. Opened with Death From Above 1979.

  • Ghost1775


    #3894684 - 13 years ago

    I like We Are Scientists. I don't have their album yet though.

  • BonsNeuf


    #3908720 - 13 years ago

    Still haven't made my mind up about these guys, but their site is really amusing.

    Ah Raccoons, nature's bank robber.

  • Evicted


    #3911265 - 13 years ago

    they're pretty good, but I can't really listen to the m for any extended period of time.

  • TheGreekMind


    #4005203 - 13 years ago

    I decided yesterday that We Are Scientists is my favorite band.

  • AryaStark


    #4078156 - 13 years ago

    In reply to blackhack, #3:

    This coming from someone who likes Hawthorne Heights and Fallout Boy.

    I recently found their album on my computer and it hasn't clicked with me yet. Is it worth a few extra listens?

  • mofiaweare


    #5294430 - 12 years ago

    I accidentally came across their one music video while on Y! Music. "Nobody Move..." I really loved it, cracked me up.