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  • CasbaRocker


    #3876912 - 13 years ago

    Hey whats up all, I origonally posted this in another post this in another thread (cause I wasnt able to make my own threads). It got lost in a sea of other posts, so now that I can make my own posts I wanted to see what peoples favorite punk bands were. Here are some of the many bands I am always listening to, feel free to comment and add on.

    Sex Pistols: One of the most amazing british punk bands still to date
    The Ramones: Possibly one of the founders of punk, no band has anything on them
    The Clash: Another amazing punk band
    The Dead Milkmen: Awesome punk band from the west coast
    Rancid: great band that has an old school feel with a touch of ska
    Sick Of It All: NYC punk hardcore band, one of the best that is still out there today
    MXPX: Alot of trendy bands tried so hard to copy thier chords and charisma
    Anti-Flag: Young punk band that really has an old school feel, amazing in your face punk
    Dead Kennedys: Just an awesome band
    Pennywise: Another awesome band, they were used for alot of skate promos and games
    Operation Ivy: Another band that no one could touch
    Screeching Weasel: Pick up one of their like 20 cd's lol, and you wont put it down
    Dropkick Murphy: Easily one of the best Irish punk bands out there
    Flogging Molly: Another good punk band, lil corporate, but still good

    (please no fall out boy, or american rejects, or good charolette, or any of those other fake mall punk bands or an evil monkey will kick you in the face with a steel toe boot while screaming in monkey language oi oi oi!!!)

  • independent


    #3877317 - 13 years ago

    you're right man this new shit is not punk all

  • independent


    #3877323 - 13 years ago

    oh yeah green day is good but their old stuff is better

  • Wickens


    #3877525 - 13 years ago

    Old Offspring...Anything pre-americana. Ixnay was a little more rock, but I still love it.

  • imbenurnot


    #3879839 - 13 years ago

    In reply to CasbaRocker, #1:

    Again, the two most important names in the formation of Punk are left out.

    Iggy Pop and the Stooges
    The Velvet Underground

  • CasbaRocker


    #3880883 - 13 years ago

    In reply to imbenurnot, #5:

    great call on them I am very disapointed in myself for not having them on my origional list as well

  • trisket66666


    #3881086 - 13 years ago


  • Quinibus


    #3881216 - 13 years ago

    Anyone here a fan of PiL (Public Image Lmtd.)? It's the band Johnny Rotten formed after the demise of the Sex Pistols. Very different sounding, druggy and mostly slow-paced. Supposedly the reason for the sound was that the label gave the band a large budget to work with, which they subsequently spent on drugs (that shit is expensive), and rushed the album to make the deadline. Still, it's one of my favorites.

  • imbenurnot


    #3882458 - 13 years ago

    In reply to trisket66666, #7:

    Actually, no, they're not. At all. In fact, I don't see how its possible to come to that conclusion.

    Not saying anything about their music, but they are hardly as punk as any of the listed bands.

  • Quinibus


    #3882834 - 13 years ago

    I think he's just trolling

  • CasbaRocker


    #3883426 - 13 years ago

    In reply to Quinibus, #8:

    I will have to check out PiL, never heard of them but if Rotten is in them then I definetly gotta hear it
    thanks for the info

  • Quinibus


    #3883823 - 13 years ago

    In reply to CasbaRocker, #11:

    Well, even though Rotten was in it, just want to warn you, they don't sound anything like the Pistols.

  • BamBamBradley


    #3883841 - 13 years ago

    mxpx is pop punk now anything of theres before Slowly going thew way of the buffalo is good!

  • Kenosis


    #3884015 - 13 years ago

    In reply to Quinibus, #8:

    PIL is awesome, I'd listen to them over the Sex Pistols any day.

  • HeroinAddikt


    #3884211 - 13 years ago

    The Dwarves.

  • Sotherbee


    #3885149 - 13 years ago

    Bowling For Soup is real punk.

  • Ghost1775


    #3885828 - 13 years ago

    Anyone mention X-ray Specks?

  • kitcorpse


    #3885869 - 13 years ago

    Hahahaha, you kids and your typical "punk," try listening to the original street rock. Not the shitty "Im all for anarchy" pop-punk bs. Hell bands like Cock Sparrer, Sham69, 4-Skins, Combat84, Condemned84, and The Ejected made punk and will always be the ultimate punk bands. By the way the Sex Pistols were thrown together by someone who wanted to make something out of nothing. It was all about the corporate record labels not about anarchy. The Ramones, well they never considered themselves "punk" they actually were a straight up rock n roll band that disliked rock at the time because of long ass guitar solos from bands from the likes of Iron Butterfly. Most of the bands you have named are just the more known corporate "punk" bands anyways. Try getting more underground.....

  • Quinibus


    #3886253 - 13 years ago

    In reply to kitcorpse, #18:

    Iggy Pop, The Dead Kennedys, and the Velvet Underground may be fairly well known (by now), but corporate?

    The point you made about the Pistols is arguable. Their manager, Malcolm McLare, claimed that he fabricated the Pistols in order to make money, a claim which he made in the film "The Great Rock and Roll Swindle." However, most fans have dismissed this claim as an attempt, on his part, to sieze the rights to the Pistols' catalogue. That aside, the Pistols were never about the actual labels, they were kicked off of three successive labels during their run.

    I'm fairly new to punk so, unfortunately, I'm not familiar with the bands you've named. I will, however, look them up and give them a listen.

  • kitcorpse


    #3886767 - 13 years ago

    just a bit of warning before you look into some of them... the lyrics can be a bit more conservative.... ie guns, booze, capital punishment...

  • Evicted


    #3888015 - 13 years ago

    what.... a terrible list.

  • Quinibus


    #3888045 - 13 years ago

    In reply to kitcorpse, #20:

    I try to keep an open mind. The lyrics probably won't bother me.

  • kip182


    #3890713 - 13 years ago

    If your calling the ramones real punk then there a still a shitload of real punk bands around today. I started listening to this modern punk before I heard the older stuff, and honestly there is not much difference at all between some bands considered real punk and some modern punk. I mean before I played a ramones cd I was expecting something outrageous and completely non conformist. I put in the cd and got something standard and conformist. They sounded like they fit in nicely with modern punk.

    Now I know thats not the case for all the bands on your list. But the whole 'old punk is real punk and todays punk is completely different' is basically rubbish. Apart from a few standout bands, it is very easy to see the connection between old and new punk. The only difference now is that it is more socially excepted than it was twenty years ago.

  • Jeff2911


    #3890998 - 13 years ago

    I like most of the bands that you mentioned up there. I don't really have anything other to add other than I also listen to the Misfits. New and old.

  • Quinibus


    #3892013 - 13 years ago

    In reply to kip182, #23:

    The Ramones, while awesome, aren't really a good example of early punk (even though they are arguably the "first" punk band), due to the fact that didn't consider themselves a punk band, but rather a rock band in the mode of Chuck Berry, as Kitcorpse mentioned.

    But, that aside, what made the Ramones so great was not the sound, per se. Most people from the era thought they sounded horrible. What made them great was the "punk asthetic," the "I know we're shitty, but damnit, we're going to play anyway" 3 chord simplicty of their music. Which comes to my next point: punk isn't a sound, it's an attitude.

    If you've ever listened to much old punk, the term "punk" was really a broad term encompassing a large number of bands and styles. People like Television, Patti Smith, Elvis Costello, or The Clash really don't fit the sound that most people associate with punk: which is really the problem with a lot of "new" punk: it has a clearly defined sound, set down by the labels which, in the wake of Nirvana, have attempted to milk the genre for all that it's worth.