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Music Forum Guidelines / F.A.Q. -Revised

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  • Pixie


    #4872306 - 13 years ago

    Hi there. Welcome to the Music Forum. The main moderators here are DiMono, Pixie and Becca, though any moderator can help you if you have a request or problem. This is just a quick rundown of what's expected in this forum, and some commonly asked questions.

    1. Please post intelligently. You are here to discuss music, not to pick a fight like some schoolyard bully.
    2. Please use the Search function at the top of your screen to see if your topic has already been posted. Unfortunately, the search engine requires words 4 letters or longer, so you won't be able to look for things like U2, Amy Lee, etc. In these cases, please go through about five pages of the forum using your browser's search capability to see if they're there.
    3. If there is already a thread your post can fit in to, please use it rather than start a brand new thread. Duplicate threads are more likely to be deleted than the pre-existing thread.
    4. This is a forum for intelligent discussion. Please use complete sentences, complete with correct punctuation, grammar and spelling, so we can understand what it is you want to say. Internet shorthand and so-called "1337 speak" will be poorly received.
    5. No discussion of illegal file sharing will be tolerated!

    Now that we have that out of the way, here are some of the more commonly asked questions and their answers:

    Frequently Asked Questions
    I love this band, can I start a thread about them?
    A: Can you? Yes. Should you? Probably not. Odds are someone else has already started one, so you'd do better to post there. It is always better to post in an existing thread than to start a new one.

    Q: Are there any bands I shouldn't post about at all?
    A: Unfortunately, yes. Bands like:
    Linkin Park
    Good Charlotte
    Blink 182
    Green Day
    Breaking Benjamin
    My Chemical Romance
    , and;
    Insane Clown Posse (ICP)
    In general, these once again fall under the realm of "post in an existing thread," or else they've been generally accepted as "bad music" (Blink 182, Good Charlotte, Slipknot, Linkin Park, ICP).

    Q: Are there any genres I should avoid posting about?
    A: Again, unfortunately yes. Those genres are:

    The Rap debate has been done to death, and punk and emo... just trust me on this one.

    Q: But I really want to say something about one of those bands or genres, where can I do it?
    A: Your journal would be a good place. Yes, it's true that it won't get as much attention as a forum thread, but if you're posting about one of the genres or bands listed above, that's a good thing. Again, just trust me.

    Q: Wouldn't it be cool if this band and that band got in a fight?
    A: Maybe. Actually, it probably would, but we don't want to hear about it. No versus threads please. That includes "which band do you like better," "this band can fight that band," and anything else that involves two bands not getting along.

    Q: I want to start a thread about my favourite band, and everything's right for it. What should I say?
    A: Give some information about the band, why you like them, and as much else as you can think to add. Don't just say "They're awesome!"

    Q: I have a question about the Red vs Blue or Strangerhood music.
    A: Rooster Teeth Music thread

    Q: I have this new guitar and I want to tell everyone that-
    A: Gear Discussion thread

    Q: I'm in this band and I want everyone to know we-
    A: Your band or the band you're in thread

    Q: Somebody started a thread about a band I hate, and I want to tell them they suck!
    A: Please don't. It's okay to disagree with someone in here, but if you can't write about it using intelligent thought and complete sentences, then don't do it at all. We don't want anyone entering threads just to stir up trouble.

    Q: What can I do if someone breaks the rules of this FAQ?
    A: Don't sweat it. These are meant as guidelines, and there are always exceptions that pop up. If you notice something grievous, like a user doing nothing but making trouble in every thread s/he visits, alert a moderator and let them take care of it.

    Q: I see. Is there anything else I shouldn't do in here?
    A: Please don't post any "What music do you play games to?" threads (nobody cares)
    Don't post links to You Have Bad Taste in Music (old and overused)
    No more game threads. We already have a forum for these. I'm sure you can have fun in them, that's why they're here.
    Don't ask us to name your band. How can your music be any good if you can't even think of a bandname?
    Don't post any iPod, iTunes, Napster or file sharing threads. no exceptions!
    Don't post any top ten threads, or hit lists, or anything of the like.
    If your thread isn't popular, accept it and move on. Don't continue posting in it just to keep it alive.

    Thanks to realdeal_55 (for the majority of it), Eponymous (for the further guidelines), and also Cloud, b3durnk, Evicted, Rocketboy21, HeroinAddikt, x_GOD_x, Pixie and xCOMEBACKIDx for coming up with the rest of the FAQ. I merely reposted it. The original thread may be found here.

  • Pixie


    #4872315 - 13 years ago

    Further Guidelines for Thread Creation

    • Search before you post.
    • Your first post (i.e. the one that starts the thread) must in some way contribute to the discussion. You can't just say "What do you think about X," instead try "I just heard about X, this is my opinion, what do you think?"
    • A thread that's about you specifically, e.g. asking people's advice, belongs either as a journal topic or a post in a general Q&A thread. It doesn't matter if you think your question won't get enough exposure in your journal--with a community this large, we can't have people making threads every time they can't decide if they want chunky or creamy peanut butter on their sandwich.
    • Do not make a thread that's dedicated to general chatting. We already have these--look for a BAR in the forum you're in, or if there isn't one, try the one in the Basement. A BAR-type thread may not be created by anyone without permission from a mod or staff member.
    • This is listed above, but it keeps happening, so apparently it bears repeating: DO NOT make VERSUS or FAVORITES threads. These go nowhere.
    • Along a similar line, don't create any kind of thread that will just involve people listing things off instead of stimulating discussion.
    • Lastly and more specifically for this forum, If you are trying to get people interested about a new/obscure band, LINK US TO SOMETHING USEFUL instead of just telling us how great they are. It will be appreciated by all, and more people are likely to try them out that way.
  • Pixie


    #5182488 - 12 years ago

    From now on, anyone deliberately derailing a thread or posting hate filled comments in a thread just because they think the band in question sucks, will be participating in free bans.

    I've had enough of this behaviour, and it will stop, or you will be punished for it.

    Please, try to be a little tolerant of other people's taste in music, even if you think it is crap they obviously don't and have a right to their opinions, just as you have the right to politely express yours.

  • Frostitute


    #11002056 - 10 years ago

    I'm not very tolerant of threads that begin with "This is my favourite local band" or "This is my friend's band"
    Chances are, no-one wants to discuss them and the information given in the first post tends to be extremely poor or just generally not thread-worthy.

    Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, just don't think you can make a thread about your friend's 'br00tal slamz'.

  • Frostitute


    #11349398 - 10 years ago

    All people caught filesharing in the forum will be BANNED until I or another moderator decides that they can return.
    There's a zero tolerance policy in regards to this, I've seen it too often recently not to do anything about it.