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  • Princess


    #6320651 - 12 years ago

    This thread is dedicated to one of the greatest (if not the greatest) Black Metal band on the planet: Emperor.

    Emperor started in 1991 with Samoth on drums and Ihsahn on guitar/vocals. They soon after released a demo entitled Wrath of The Tyrants, which quickly became popular and got them signed onto Candlelight Records. In 1994 they released In The Nightside Eclipse, which is considered their finest work and a genre defining album. After a few more albums, they split up in 2001. They did however, resurrect in 2005 to announce a small tour, including the headlinging spot of Wacken Open Air 2006. It is currently unknown if they will play more shows.


  • Arntor


    #6320843 - 12 years ago

    I recently stumbled upon a copy of the Emperor/Enslaved split. I was happy.

    Emperor is a great band, regardless if they're not "tr00" enough or whatever. I saw them in New York this summer and it was one of the greatest experiences ever.

  • Princess


    #6321036 - 12 years ago

    I tried to see them live in LA but I don't know anyone who is a big enough fan to go all the way down there with me.

  • MrJack


    #6322636 - 12 years ago

    Anthems>Nightside IMO. However, Nightside is still fucking badass.

  • alexthegreat


    #6329405 - 12 years ago

    I hate to admit it, but I have yet to listen to Emperor. Send me a CD for my birthday, plzkthx

  • hayato1333


    #6331168 - 12 years ago

    They are one of my favorite bands.
    Also being one of the first to get me really into Black Metal.
    I like all of their albums, even their latest.

  • Princess


    #6331209 - 12 years ago

    Prometheus was great, despite not being Black Metal. I'm sure that's why a lot of their older fans didn't like it too much.

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  • hayato1333


    #6331301 - 12 years ago

    In reply to user_returns, #7:

    Yeah, that's what really got everybody.
    I thought it was sweet.
    It was more progressive and it still retained some black metal sound to it.

  • Princess


    #6331319 - 12 years ago

    In reply to hayato1333, #8:

    I love how every instrument on the last track (Thorns On My Grave) does blast beats, fucking brutal as hell.

  • Ragnaviper


    #6337729 - 12 years ago

    In reply to user_returns, #7:

    Well, I didn't really like it, despite not being an older fan (hell, I don't even like Anthems very much either aside from the instrumental at the end). The first track has it's moments, but that's it.

    Anyway, I'd say their best material is definitely on the split album that Arntor mentioned (though Enslaved's side is a bit better). ItNE is still classic though.

  • Orionhardy


    #6343038 - 12 years ago

    I Like Emperor, though I can't specify what tracks I like, I have all their (or almost all, I'm not sure) tracks on one mindisc which I'll listen to at work, was going to see them last year at Wacken, but then I got very Ill which was a shame o4fsad.gif

  • hmmm_de_hum


    #6344565 - 12 years ago

    ah emperor are fantastic, i went to go see them a little while back at the london astoria....brilliant gig, i only have the scattered ashes: decade of emperial wrath compilation.........but its fucking awesome stuff.

  • HumperFi


    #6351918 - 12 years ago

    I honestly havent heard much of Emperor's albums. I have Prometheus and thats all Ive really heard. Its a pretty good album.

  • hayato1333


    #6356985 - 12 years ago

    In reply to HumperFi, #13:

    If you like Black Metal I'd highly suggest getting some of their older stuff.
    But if you aren't a big black metal fan I'd say just stick with Prometheus.

  • Princess


    #6357064 - 12 years ago

    Promtheus or Equillibrium IX.

  • MySpace_Tom


    #6367901 - 12 years ago

    In reply to user_returns, #1:

    I wouldnt go that far. They are a good band, but when you go deeper and deeper into the underground, it gets much better. As far as their music, I like them. Zyklon is made up of the drummer and guitarist I think.

  • Princess


    #6370971 - 12 years ago

    In reply to MySpace_Tom, #16:

    I listen to a decent amount of "underground," but Emperor just really clicks with me. And Zyklon was founded by Samoth (guitarist) and Trym (drummer). Also, Faust (Emperor's original drummer) writes their lyrics.

  • MySpace_Tom


    #6371387 - 12 years ago

    In reply to user_returns, #17:

    Their drummer has no emotion. He drums like hes a machine live



    #6408936 - 12 years ago

    Great fucking band. smiley1.gif

    Anyone going to their shows this year??