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Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band

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  • realdeal_55


    #11568635 - 10 years ago

    Holy crap, this band is on fire! One of the best big bands still around today. I love all of their stuff; The Phat Pack has become one of my all-time favourite albums, and they have a countless number of songs that I could listen to over and over again. Just a few of them include Count Bubba, (and his Revenge), Huntin' Wabbits (and the sequel, Bad Hare Day), Bach 2 Part Invention in D Minor, & La Almeja Pequena (The Little Clam) (which has my all-time favourite recorded trumpet solo). Their newest album, Act Your Age, is absolutely killer; my favourite song on that album has to be Backrow Politics, but the whole thing is fantastic.

    Not only is Goodwin's music fun to listen to, his charts are great to play. We're playing a slightly easier version of Count Bubba in my college's jazz band this semester. I've also heard from lots of people that his other charts are equally as awesome.

    What do you guys think of the Big Phat Band? Like 'em? Ever play their music?

  • Nalin


    #11573616 - 10 years ago

    Their cd's are in constant rotation in my car, at home, and at work. The Big Phat Band is probably the greatest big band since Basie in my opinion. Also the charts are flipping phenomenal. I've played through Bubba, Bubba's Revenge, Sing Sang Sung, Mueva Los Huesos, Jazz Police, and Hunting Wabbits. These are seriously some of the best charts I've ever laid my eyes on. Fun, upbeat, challenging, and they can really get a crowd going.

  • Dadgbe


    #11573992 - 10 years ago

    The Jazz Band at Stevens Institute of Technology has played a bunch of his stuff. I can't remember all of them, but "A Few Good Men," "Morocco," and "There's the Rub" are a few. I play piano, but I was playing accordion on "A Few Good Men" and "There's the Rub." Pure magic. His arrangements are fantastic.