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  • Tb0ne


    #12103730 - 10 years ago

    I now have a car with a CD player only and no monies to spend on an FM transmitter. So I dusted of my stack of CD-R's, any suggestions for some badass driving tunes?

  • fnvicky


    #12103748 - 10 years ago

    In reply to Tb0ne, #1:

    less than jake.
    the distillers
    ill be back with more

  • jackiebot

    jackiebot FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold me irl

    #12103756 - 10 years ago


    Weezer [preferably blue album or pinkerton] is the best driving music ever

  • Tb0ne


    #12103759 - 10 years ago

    In reply to fnvicky, #2:


    against the machine? or just rage?

  • alexthegreat


    #12103779 - 10 years ago

    The Darkness

    blasting that shit and singing along in your most ridiculous falsetto voice while you drive is the most fun ever.

    Both albums are good, but One Way To Hell... and Back! is definitely the better of the two.

  • SgtBuckwheat


    #12103803 - 10 years ago

    I'm a big fan of the stuff that Queen put out with a stronger beat and rhythm guitar when it comes to driving (Fat Bottomed Girls and Don't Stop Me Now come to mind immediately, though some of their stuff isn't at all suited to driving in my opinion). Most anything with a good would do well I think, like most of Iced Earth's stuff or Led Zepplin's Immigrant song or something in that vein. Nothing too calm works for me, it makes me drowsy which isn't good for driving.

  • Dadgbe


    #12103817 - 10 years ago

    Driving music depends heavily on where you're driving...and how fast you intend to drive.

  • Fhajad

    Fhajad Forum Games Moderator

    #12103866 - 10 years ago

    Ska is always a good choice.


  • kitcorpse


    #12103985 - 10 years ago

    I usually pop in some old school thrash like Exodus or Testament and put my pedal to the metal.

  • thatguy1116


    #12104385 - 10 years ago

    Black Label Socitey

  • Farmer


    #12106577 - 10 years ago

    System of a down, New Crash position, STuK, black market androids,The Monistats ,NIN, Agoraphobic Nosebleed,Rammstein, I set my friends on fire,Metallica and Modest Mouse.

  • meeeetch


    #12106638 - 10 years ago

    Bohren and Der Club of Gore


  • Dadgbe


    #12107467 - 10 years ago

    Since it's in the car, make sure you have music you can sing along to. Singing in the car is an American tradition.

    If I get to drive on some interesting roads or the highway, I like to listen to something with a feeling of movement. My favorite example is Muse's "Assassin." And, since driving is usually alone time, it's nice to have some fun. Fun music (for you, it may be ska or hip-hop) is a must. My fun music is The Police.

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  • dude_stud


    #12108648 - 10 years ago

    That German techno from Super troopers.

  • Rowen


    #12108782 - 10 years ago

    accelerated evolution B)

  • Hydro626

    Hydro626 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    #12122017 - 10 years ago

    if you want to drive rediculously fast: DragonForce. Otherwise i have found that AC/DC (the good old AC/DC btw) and Sublime are among the really good bands to cruise to.

  • ZenAndViolence


    #12146674 - 10 years ago

    Eve 6 is also good cruising music.

  • Totengraber


    #12195173 - 10 years ago

    You need some ZZ top or AC/DC!

  • Element07


    #12205627 - 10 years ago

    Don't Stop Me Now by Queen on repeat. Thats all you need. :P

  • Budders23


    #12231563 - 10 years ago

    Bloc Party all the way if you wanna go fast! haha
    listen to:
    - Helicopter
    - Banquet
    - She's Hearing Voices
    - Luno
    - Hunting For Witches
    - The Prayer
    - Flux
    - Ares
    - Halo
    - Trojan Horse
    - One Month Off

    obviously i'm not telling you get them all, haha, but those ones i find are the best for driving fast!!

  • Totengraber


    #12244643 - 10 years ago

    Helicopter is actaully a really good song to drive to.

  • MLKnightKaon


    #12244659 - 10 years ago

    Buy/download a burnout soundtrack, see if that works...

    Just dont ram into people... youll ruin your car lol

  • Captain_Port


    #12292323 - 10 years ago


    Terrorvision - Do You Wanna Go Faster, Fists Of Fury
    The Wildhearts - Caffine Bomb, So into you, White Lies
    The Hellacopters - Blinded By The Light
    Meat Loaf - Bad For Good
    Third Eye Blind - Faster
    Eve 6 - Open Road Song, Nocturnal
    Lit - Over My Head, I'm Not Sick But I'm Not Well
    Cheap Trick - Anytime
    NoFx - Drugs Are Good
    The Yo-Yo's - Time Of Your Life, Sunshine Girl

    Slow :-

    Weezer - Island In The Sun
    NoFx- Smoke Two Joints
    Third Eye Blind - Motorcycle Drive By
    The Wildhearts - Sky Chaser High
    Bob Marley - Three Little Birds, Redemption Song

    To name but a few....



    #12325585 - 10 years ago

    hollywood undead- undead.

  • Tiffari


    #12327717 - 10 years ago

    Weezer (in general).
    Weezer is great driving music. :D