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  • Frostitute


    #14366733 - 8 years ago

    Before making a thread here in the Music Forum, consider a few things.

    First, read THIS. This is a list of forum guidelines and rules for here. Read these, consider them, meditate on them, write a thesis for your philosophy course on them, take them out to a romantic candlelight dinner, whatever you need to do to remember these and make you think "Hmm, maybe I SHOULDN'T make that superfluous thread"

    Second, use the Search Bar. It's up the top for a reason, before making your thread, enter in a keyword. Say you want to make a thread about a band, so type the band's name in the search bar and click search. If you don't get any results, go to Advanced Search, and search for Threads made in The Archive. If the thread you wanted to make already exists, then use it (and chances are its dead for a reason).

    Third. Think long, think long and hard before you create a thread. Think, "Is this about a band/genre/musician etc and are they worth discussing, will other people discuss them?" When discussion does happen, don't be offended by dissenting opinions, a thread shouldn't be solely about wanking on about how awesome you think x member of x band is and how hot you think it would be if they made out with y member of y band. And remember it's discussion, not mud slinging, so try to keep all comments about the genre/band/music related article in general.

    Fourth, don't self bump a thread. You don't need to reply to every post, and if a thread is going to stay alive, it'll stay alive.

    And if you don't read this before posting a thread I'll fucking slap you.