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To any guitar players out there!

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  • HarryTheCook


    #15645449 - 6 years ago

    I love to play sorta alternative rock. A lot of Radiohead Basically, got my new Fender Modern Player Jaguar for Christmas!!!!


  • Clarkemenson


    #15646023 - 6 years ago

    I thought I'd share, I got a new Guitar, it's an Ibanez Gio, and I got an Amp today, It's a Marshall I don't remember the name and such, but it's 50 watt, and it has a really nice tone. :)

  • mrshizno


    #15657490 - 6 years ago

    I've been playing for five years now. I'm really into indie so I play a lot of that but I do like other genres like punk or alternative and stuff like that, pretty much anything with a guitar I'm cool with and I'll try and play it, it helps expand skill if you can play multiple styles of music, at least that's what I believe. I love playing guitar, it's awesome, especially with the ladies, it just works! lol

  • davescotts


    #15663399 - 6 years ago

    In reply to HarryTheCook, #67:

    What kind of pickups are on the on that beauty? I've been thinking about picking one of those up.

  • Mfoster29


    #15663421 - 6 years ago

    I play a Danelectro DC 59, I love to play a lot of noise rock, like Sonic Youth, so basically just putting it in really strange tunings.

  • DangerAaron8


    #15665777 - 6 years ago

    I really like to play post-hardcore music kind of like alexisonfire. The guitar I own is an Ibanez Artist series with EMG active pickups. I tend to play in drop C# tuning, so it would be C#, G#, C#, F#, A#, D#. I would say the main reason I play this genre is because it's so easy to jump around and really get into the music that you are playing. This is a rough demo our band recorded if anyone is interested in listening (sorry for the picture at the beginning in advance, my drummer needed a picture and this is what he chose) . Lastly this is what my guitar looks like,85/rotate,45/89... (fell in love the moment I saw it.

  • Leej


    #15666074 - 6 years ago

    Play a bit of everything really, mainly listen to metal/hardcore bands, but I play a lot more classic rocky stuff. Currently playing a Tuxedo Strat mainly, among others.

  • Leej


    #15666119 - 6 years ago


    My tuxedo strat the other week before I restrung it, looks nice I think. Going to buy an ESP Eclipse or Ibanez ART soon, also looking into buying a 7 string. Few cheap ones came out at NAMM from Jackson and ESP though, so I'll probably wait until they hit production.

  • MartyrX


    #15671382 - 6 years ago

    I mostly play Metal and punk. Just love messing around and coming up with cool heavy ryffs when im pissed, great way to vent lol

  • Chasnicalzon


    #15678324 - 6 years ago

    In reply to DangerAaron8, #72:
    that's a pretty awesome song there. It's a bit pop-sounding for my liking but some great riffing. The song could have a solo imo but good work

  • Pardoe1995


    #15680840 - 6 years ago

    My new baby, a fender 50s baja telecaster, a replica of the most beautiful looking and sounding guitar created in my opinion, got it for £450 down from £600 :)
    sorry for people who have bad necks.
    I've also got a Ibanez artcore as73, which is at the shop getting a major crack in the neck fixed (I'll post a pic when she gets back), and I've got a Les Paul copy, which I'm gonna sell in a bit.

  • MrMidnight4L


    #15681406 - 6 years ago

    I like to play mostly rock stuff, some metal and hardcore. I have a BC Rich as of right now but I'd like to get a classic Les Paul when the money is right

  • Torin

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    #15683321 - 6 years ago

    I play jazz and metal for the most part, although I am playing folk stuff the band I am in at the moment. I use a heavily modded Charvel when I play metal and a Taylor when I play anything else.

  • AndyF


    #15688557 - 6 years ago

    I'm into more acoustic and indie rock. I have an Ibanez. It's pretty cheap as far as pricing goes but that doesn't mean anything to me I love it so much.

  • 6StringKing


    #15694889 - 6 years ago

    In reply to TheDeadMagne, #1:

    I enjoy melodic-type punk.

  • Moss


    #15694959 - 6 years ago

    I'm a bass player myself and really enjoy RHCP and Jamiroquai



    I also play acoustic, so bands like Incubus I listen to alot.

  • Clarkemenson


    #15695567 - 6 years ago

    In reply to Am1o1ss, #85:

    RHCP is so much fun to play on bass once you learn it. :)
    P.S. I love the GIF

  • Moss


    #15695570 - 6 years ago

    Definitely. I sort of fell into the bass quite recently, and as it turns out, I'm a much better bassist than I ever was a guitarist. 1 really fun, quick one to learn is the seinfeld theme. Never seen the show, but claypool did a great job with the intro

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  • Pardoe1995


    #15696218 - 6 years ago

    In reply to Am1o1ss, #87:

    How hard is it to learn bass, I picked up guitar pretty quickly

  • Moss


    #15696235 - 6 years ago

    In reply to imawkward, #88:

    Not too bad, you need stronger fingers, and be prepared to ruin your fingertips. Most modern pop and rock songs are easy as shit, especially if you use a pick. When you first play one you'll know whether you want to carry on or not. If you don't enjoy playing bass, you really don't enjoy playing bass

  • Pardoe1995


    #15696431 - 6 years ago

    In reply to Am1o1ss, #89:

    I would have went to my local guitar shop to try bass but they shut down today :( sad day. I'll probably find a new shop and try one out.

  • Moss


    #15696443 - 6 years ago

    In reply to imawkward, #90:

    Check my page for a picture of the two guitar I have at school with me (my others are at home)

  • Moss


    #15698717 - 6 years ago

    In reply to TheDeadMagne, #92:

    John frusciante? smiley8.gif

  • Pardoe1995


    #15698830 - 6 years ago

    Just got this for free from a buddy of mine
    Also got to have a play around on a bass, seriously considering getting one now

  • Moss


    #15699213 - 6 years ago

    In reply to TheDeadMagne, #95:

    Spread your head and spread...(can't remember the next word smiley5.gif )