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To any guitar players out there!

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  • BBseeker23

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    #16498354 - 5 years ago

    Since my birthday and christmas are a week apart I got a Dean Dime from Hell this year,


    I play a lot of punk,metal,rock,death metal,I also have a metallic red Ibanez gio.

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  • rdg22


    #16504309 - 5 years ago

    This is very off topic but is there anyone that can figure out there tabs to this?

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  • Jamsponge


    #16505091 - 5 years ago

    As far as I can tell the verse is just a pattern of D5 - B5 - G5 - D5
    Followed by the Bridge which is E5 - A5 - E5 - B5
    E5 - B5 - E5 (For the why bit) and lastly an Amaj to go back into the verse..

    Hope that helps (:

  • TheKeyIsLost


    #16600998 - 5 years ago

    I've been playing a little bit, mostly rock and occasionally some blues. In terms of fenders I love strats. Gibsons I like les pauls but they're just too heavy for me so I got a nice lightweight SG for my last birthday



    #16606463 - 5 years ago

    i've been playing for about a decade now and after playing metal for most of that i've finally discovered Fusion and cant get enough, i've got a few guitars and my favourite one at the moment is my sterling musicman JP100 (although sometimes its my ibanez RG3XXV)

    but the one guitar i always go back to is my dads old beat up telecaster, sounds like absolute sh*t but plays like a dream

  • EricTX

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    #17211647 - 4 years ago

    Weird erratic playing like The Strokes, Smiths and St. Vincent is my favorite stuff to play right now. I'm also working on my sweeps to play those A7X solos.

  • CrispCocoa


    #17499056 - 4 years ago

    At the moment, because my interest in guitars is everchanging, I'm way in to my new Ibanez RG. It's comfortable, it's light, and it can keep up with (Even out perform) my $1000 ESP MH-1000. I typically play ESPs exclusively, but that particular Ibanez really stole it for me.

  • davescotts


    #17502992 - 4 years ago

    In reply to HawkHornet, #154:

    I'm looking into getting either a Jackson ESP or Ibanez I'm looking tog get a guitar to play heavier stuff on do you know of any good models to look at

  • CrispCocoa


    #17503695 - 4 years ago

    In reply to davescotts, #155:

    I don't know a whole lot about Jacksons, but there are a ton of good ESPs and Ibanezs out there. The ESP M/H/MH series are really good, as well as the Eclipses. And the Ibanez RG is really solid as well

  • Gene_Owl


    #17512470 - 4 years ago

    In reply to davescotts, #155:

    I think what your looking for, it would be better to drift towards ESP. They tend to have better spacing on frets for heavy styles of music. Generally I find the action better too but that could be just me getting lucky.

  • davescotts


    #17521953 - 4 years ago

    In reply to Gene_Owl, #157:

    OK thanks I was leaning more towards ESP anyways I just really like some Jacksons I think I just need to sit for a few hours and play a couple of each

  • SerythXavier


    #17538324 - 4 years ago

    I was more of classical finger picking. But recently I've been picking up Japanese guitar style playing.

    I've stopped playing for a while, hands are rusty. Needs backing soda.

    I play a Taylor guitar, but I forget the model type.

  • Gene_Owl


    #17542052 - 4 years ago

    In reply to jakeyl21, #160:

    I have found over the years that Epiphone has awesome action and for mid range price they can do just about anything. Do they even still make those Gothic Explorers? They stopped doing the classic like years ago to my dismay.

  • IAmAfroduck


    #17547211 - 4 years ago

    Can't believe it's nearly a year since I last posted on here. My Setups had a bit of an upgrade since then XD



    My pride and joy, a Fender 60th Anniversary Classic Player Strat. Plays like a dream!

  • Gene_Owl


    #17548098 - 4 years ago

    In reply to jakeyl21, #162:

    They cut their product line by about 147, that counts limited addition.

  • Gene_Owl


    #17565457 - 4 years ago


    Had this baby for about one year. Its durable, the action is fantastic and for 200 bucks it worth every damn penny.

  • elinbellum


    #17599423 - 4 years ago

    Been playing guitar and bass for a couple of years now, and I love playing all kinds of stuff, from metal to jazz to funk to latin to asian classical music. if anyone knows where to look for reasonably priced intermediate level dreadnought acoustics, or if anyone's into weird sounds from guitars hit me up

  • BillyWalls


    #17604291 - 4 years ago

    I'm fairly new to guitar some could say, only been playing a year and a half but I love playing alternative music especially Arctic Monkeys covers and I absolutely love my all black Fender Strat with white trim around the pick-guard and a maple neck, it has a humbucker also which is absolutely amazing.