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Myspace is a digital ghetto.

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  • quazz4life


    #30491247 - 10 years ago

    Via fark/

    The basic premise, is that a modern-day "white flight" is occurring online. with whites leaving Myspace for Facebook.
    I personally find this absurd, as it's the internet. it's not like the "blacks and browns" don't have the financial means to migrate to the Suburbs, like they did during the earlier white flight. there are no boundaries online. There are no "rules" that prevent minorities from going where they want on the internet.

  • breakbread


    #30491248 - 10 years ago

    In reply to quazz4life, #1:

    Im at a LAN right now, about to play some CS, but I will go ahead and offer a small contribution to this topic.

    The problem with Myspace is that it gave 16 year old girls the ability to easily manipulate HTML and create truly horrible web pages.

  • Jimmerz


    #30491249 - 10 years ago

    In reply to breakbread, #2:

    Yeah. The thing that is marginalizing 'internet minorities' in the Myspace ghetto is their inability to endanger epileptics with all their bling on Facebook.

    Over the years people have bitched constantly about this site, especially since moving from PHPPBHPB or whatever, but this is one area where I appreciate the RT guys' aesthetic sensibilities.

  • SupaChurchFn


    #30491250 - 10 years ago

    I don't think race really applies- I see plenty of white boys (who, granted, think they're thugs 4 lyfe) with identical page layouts (and usage habits) to people of any race. I think it's less a question of race, but a question of knowing what's out there. People who really explore the internet know there are much much much better ways to communicate, but there are plenty of people who are content with glitter graphics and spam.

  • Strider165


    #30491251 - 10 years ago

    Pretty much agreed with everyone else. I think people of a certain culture may migrate towards that craptastic bling of myspace. Also, while there is no financial restrictions online, at one point facebook was limited to those involved in higher education. This may have set off the trend they're seeing now.

  • breakbread


    #30491252 - 10 years ago

    In reply to Strider165, #5:

    Yes. I find that a lot of the "trashier" people I know still actively use Myspace. These are the people that still live back home, never really went anywhere, etc. Strider may have some merit to his suggestion that Facebook's original requirement of a college email has something to do with this, however I'm pretty sure most of those people I know who still use Myspace most certainly have a Facebook by now.

    Also, Myspace still generates a lot of traffic (probably a large percentage) from music acts using Myspace to promote. I wish something better would come along and do this better, because Myspace is seriously still stuck in 2001.

  • quazz4life


    #30491253 - 10 years ago

    One thing that came up today while I was at work, was that older generations, who are still trying to get the hang of the internet, use Myspace almost exclusively. Probably due to their kids/grandkids using it and not knowing about Facebook.
    I can't tell you how many times I hear the guys that grew up around here (older, like 45+) say "I looked on Myspace last night for so-and-so, man, they're really let themselves go"
    So it's not just the "trashier" people, as Ryan suggests, but also the people who are kind of late to the internet party.

  • dark54555

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    #30491254 - 10 years ago

    In reply to quazz4life, #1:

    It's poor logic and it's looking for racism where none exists.

    People left myspace because the software sucks and the community is primarily obnoxious 12 year olds.