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Toddler banned from hide-and-seek.

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  • quazz4life


    #30512179 - 10 years ago

    Via the Metro

    Not really a news headline, I just found it kind of cute. Little girl hides so well, that her family has to call in the police and fireman to find her.
    she was hiding underneath the washing machine.

  • Jimmerz


    #30512180 - 10 years ago

    In reply to quazz4life, #1:

    Don't have much in terms of comment here. But I do have a hide-and-seek story.

    As a wee lad I hid between these two hedges, a terribly clever spot. In fact it was so clever that it had been used as a canine loo. That wet feeling on my knee wasn't from mud, let me tell you.