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RvB Facebook Link issues

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  • 1nF3Rn0


    #30554664 - 9 years ago

    Hi, I'm not positive if this is where I should report this, but here goes....

    Half the time i go to the main page, or click the "rvb has a new video" link on my homepage, I'm redirected to the facebook become a fan of rvb page. Its not a major hastle, but it is obviously not working quite the way it was intended.

    Again, sorry if I posted in the wrong place or someone else already brought this up. I looked and didn't find anything.


  • theironpaw


    #30554665 - 9 years ago

    wait is this or becasue if this is I'm afraid we cannot do a thing.
    but if then it may think otherwise

    also you should report it here: linky

  • 1nF3Rn0


    #30554666 - 9 years ago

    In reply to theironpaw, #2:

    No, its on the RvB site. It hasn't happened in about a week though, so I guess they fixed it. Thanks!