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Harry Potter - HBP - *spoilers inside*

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  • Zankaru


    #30532256 - 10 years ago


    I just got back from watching it, and the freaking quidditch story and the love potions got more screentime than the final battle. they even completely skipped the huge battle in hogwarts between the teachers and the death eaters. The big secret reveal of the book that snape is the half blood prince has like 10 seconds of screen time and only 1 line then it moves on.

    I cant stand this anymore, I dont even want to go see the movies of my favorite books because its either good because they only changed a few small details and had to cut stuff out because everyone is scared of the movie being too long and not enough people coming, or a complete travesty that makes you cry inside like clive cusslers book 'sahara' being made into that pile of birdcrap people call a movie.

  • noob55


    #30532257 - 10 years ago

    i agree with you, its a real shame how much they screwed up the last harry potter movie. Alot of people know this except the idiotic critics that never even bothered to read the book... *sighs* dumbass's...
    but anywyas i agree with you.. it was just really sad how much they messed it up and followed barely any details, the first quarter of the movie i found myself saying over and over again: Nope, nope, nope,nope never happened.. never happened..nope wrong again, fail..more fail... epic fail.. ect ect lol