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Best kill you ever made

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  • JAFOOfficer


    #30029482 - 10 years ago

    killed a navy seal by surrender. he ran past where i was bunkered down, dident see me, i ran up behind him and got him to surrender 5 seconds before the end of the match. then was shot in the back several times.

  • Tomboy


    #30029483 - 10 years ago

    Maybe not my best, but one of my funniest kills:

    We were in a tournament hosted by our command. I was the last one left on my team and the other team sends someone to flank me, he trips on nothing and lands on his ass five feet to my left. I turned, shot, and then continued to curse out the other members of his team. We still make fun of him for that!

    Too bad that twenty seconds later, another guy flanked me and shot me square in the ass.

  • Bob_Long


    #30029484 - 10 years ago

    The best/coolest kill I've ever made was just yesterday. I'm not amazing or anything, only been paintballing 3 times now, and there was a guy trying to shoot me from this little square. About 3 1/2inches by 3 1/2 inches. Plus, his barrel was sticking out of the hole. I was about 25 feet away trying to to get shot, and im a huge target, so i just onload. And somehow, I end up shooting him in the face.

  • sixrusty


    #30029485 - 10 years ago

    When I first started playing Air ball I hit the snake off the break crawled up it and took out 5 of the 7 guys on the other team with my 98. They had some lower end air ball guns like ions. But that was fun. But my most resent sweet shot was about 3 weeks ago I was playing a rec ball game between air ball games and I was below 500psi when I went in so I did not shoot a lot. So I was setting there watching the game go a long when a kid went Rambo and ran the tape line I just shot one ball and it hit him dead in the face. Followed by me yelling BOOM HEAD SHOT!
    Sorry about posting 2

  • s3v3n


    #30029486 - 10 years ago

    ummm i have to say my best one was when i shot a kid in his ear through his mask

  • sargefan19


    #30029487 - 10 years ago

    my best one so far was when my whole team went to the left side of the field leaving me on the right side. I decided to do a runthrough and got out a dude with a karni while he was reloading and realized the whole other team didn't even see me and just lookign at my teammates so i went up behind them and started shooting then the ref did3 for 1 since they weren't gettign out

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  • TacticalPB87


    #30029488 - 10 years ago

    was playing wit my friends.
    i went into the house at the fifty when m friend was in there came around the corner sprayed the inside and nailed him 4 times in the balls

  • sixrusty


    #30029489 - 10 years ago

    ok I got a new one this pass weekend my team was skriming with an other team well on the second game I ran to the snake and saw that the other team did not have anyone playing there snake side at all so I just ran the tape and took out three of there five players. Coch got pissed of at them for letting it happen it so vary funny.

  • Aerojack


    #30029490 - 10 years ago

    I was prone quietly in a bush with my gun pointing out when someone just popped out in front off me about 10 to 15 feet. I lit him up good and It was my first kill. Talk about a win and win.

  • CaptZodiac


    #30029491 - 10 years ago

    The best shot I ever pulled off was at 200 yards. That kid was sure pissed off at me. smiley8.gif

  • TrackerF16


    #30029492 - 10 years ago

    playing at d-day many years ago, was stomping around the airfield, and one of the "snipers" was setup amongst bushes in the treeline, im walking along and feel a ball hit my leg, no break, so i look in the direction it came from, and i see paintball flying out from one spot that i cant see past the leaves on the bushes, now mind you, im very faw away, far enough to know that his paint is bouncing off my legs, so i know im not gonna be able to hit a guy in a ghuillie suit for it to matter, so i tun and fire about 10 shots into the area (roughly) where this guy is, the shots stop comming, and hes being helped out of the bushes by a ref because he can no longer see with a mask covered in paint


  • blue4dehwin


    #30029493 - 10 years ago

    my best kill(s) was when it was me and my team( still forming looking 4 people near st.jacobs ontorio canada) iwas in the snake and these noobs wnated 2 play us. i got in the snake and shot out the back left and bunkerd another 3 of em in the back.( it was there six against our 3)

  • blue4dehwin


    #30029494 - 10 years ago

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    srry i screw up the begining

  • quinnman


    #30029495 - 10 years ago

    At my airball field, theirs a little slit down the middle where if you dont get out of the way fast enough youll get shot.
    I had a game where I had that slot, so I popped a few rounds straight down the middle. A second later I hear screaming coming from the other time. After the game, we won BTW, I asked the guy who got shot what happened. He just pointed down. His crotch was completely orange.