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  • Tw1st3d_1

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    #30534134 - 10 years ago

    Please keep normal talk to a minimum.

    And I'll kick this off right.

    Current toy:

    Ninja Ego9.

  • witehat


    #30534135 - 9 years ago

    that, is, NICE.

  • sixrusty


    #30534136 - 9 years ago

    my new gun chronic ego 8

  • M4LAngryGnome


    #30534137 - 9 years ago

    My Ego7 (all the yellow parts are gone now)

    An my new Vice



    #30534138 - 9 years ago

    Tippmann 98 custom (collapsible stock, 22 in barrel, red dot site)

    The only problem is that with the stock on like that I lose any ability to look down the site. I was hoping for some suggestions as to which I should sacrifice for the other. I love the stability the stock gives me, but I can't use my red dot. I really only play woodsball.

  • barberthe


    #30534139 - 8 years ago

    In reply to IIFUNKOII, #5:

    Hey, you could look into getting this: Carry handle rail

    I can't tell if your gun is the old style or the new style(old uses 3/8" dovetail, new uses Weaver). The link is for the old style, but the make similar ones for the newer style. I'm about to have to get one for my current project: Tippmann 98 Select-fire Mech-Bullpup

    Obviously, it's not done yet. It currently cycles up to 33 times per second(bone-stock internals except for a home-made sear-arrest pin). I've got a Q-loader on the way that SHOULD feed it, but I won't know for sure until it gets here and I get an opportunity to fiddle around with it. I'm also working on moving the ASA up front so I can install a 12g quick-change adapter to use as a foregrip(with a qd fitting so I can change to remote whenever I don't feel like changing cartridges every 40 shots). It will most likely be regulated to about 350psi to get the cycle rate down to ~23cps AND save air.

    I also have a PsychoBalllistics Superbolt pump with home-made L-stock and another Tippmann 98 with a JCS folding stock(with a modified drop so I can still sight down the barrel) and home-made foregrip running on 400psi co2(+/-5fps). Needless to say, I'm a tweaker lol. Woodsball FTW!

  • jm343105


    #30534140 - 8 years ago

    got myself an invert mini as a back up and an etek 3 for my main. with a prophacy and ninja tank.