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Let's organize a RT lunch or something

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  • ilikeme


    #30165193 - 10 years ago

    Hey Guys I've gone to PAX twice, 09 will be my third year. I'm sure we could find some cool restaraunt to meet up at and have something to eat. Anyone else think this is a good idea?

  • BamBamBradley


    #30165194 - 10 years ago

    I think its a good idea this will be my 2nd year!

  • Tb0ne


    #30165195 - 10 years ago

    I actually live in Seattle so if you want any suggestions on what's around let me know. I think a good beer run is order Thursday night too. I know the PAX forum did one at that time last year so maybe if we have any cross-posters we can hook something up.

  • Halochief89


    #30165196 - 10 years ago

    Definitely since Canwest was cancelled we need to do something maybe after if the Rooster teeth guys aren't knocked out from standing for so long.

  • lizzycat


    #30165197 - 10 years ago

    This will be our third time to attend and I'm just a lil' Tacoma, WA! I hope to actually get INTO the Rooster Teeth Forum this year, never been able to get in *sigh*...may be out again this year, too, since I'll be 8+ months preggers at that time! *shaking fist at fate* ONE YEAR, doggone it.

    But, yeah, would be totally up for getting together at some point!

    Hugs, gotta go chase my firstborn, and the sun's ACTUALLY OUT TODAY *weird up here* so gonna get her out of the house!

    Lizzycat D smiley12.gif

  • lizzycat


    #30165198 - 10 years ago

    Okies, so...hmmm...all the restaurants I've been to around the Seattle area have been a tight squeeze, depending on what time of day you decide to eat in. Any locals know of a big enough place to take all of us, forseeing it maybe being a party of say 10+...may need a whole room to ourselves, but what a tip for whatever waitstaff that night! Alcohol on premises is a necessary (I'll be the one with plain water and lemon, hehe). GUINNESS IS A WIN in this family! We also have a toddler that tags along with us, not sure if others will have their little ones with them or not.

    So: Good size Accomadations
    Alcohol (Guinness would be so verra niiiiice)
    Kid-Friendly? (i.e. bathroom changing station, high chair)

    I'm down here in Tacoma, but guess I could scour the local dining sites to see what restaurants are near our venue!

    Hugs All,
    LizzycatD smiley12.gif

  • Tb0ne


    #30165199 - 10 years ago

    In reply to lizzycat, #6:

    For lunch? Dicks. For dinner? Maybe if we get enough people we can get a reservation for a side room at the Taphouse. You don't need Guiness when you have 150+ beers on tap.

  • lizzycat


    #30165200 - 10 years ago


    Haven't read up on those...lemme go Dick's that one place where they ACT LIKE DICKS? Oooo, Dick's Last Resort? hehe, that would be a good time smiley0.gif

    Taphouse, haven't been, YET. hehe

    Hugs...I'ma go check these out.
    LizzycatD smiley12.gif

  • lizzycat


    #30165201 - 10 years ago

    Ok, I looked for a Dicks and only found drive-ins, which aren't a go because some or most coming to this luncheon or dinner will be on foot from the Expo. And Alehouse, there are several, but I didn't find one within walking distance of the Expo.

    I'm looking at Restaurant near (within at least 2 blocks) distance from the Washington State Convention and Trade Center. Any more ideas?


    Hugs, LizzycatD smiley12.gif

  • Tb0ne


    #30165202 - 10 years ago

    In reply to lizzycat, #9:

    You can walk up to Dick's and order actually. There's one probably < 1 mile from the convention center, so we can just walk up and order and either eat on the way back or hang out at the ghetto table they have there.

    Apart from the Taphouse there's the Fox Sports Bar and Grill, but fuck that the Taphouse is like infinity times better. The only other restaurants I know around downtown are way to classy of a joint for a group like us.

  • ilikeme


    #30165203 - 10 years ago

    I know there is a food court that we could invade at the mall a few blocks from the convention centre. As for restaurants I would have to do some investiagting of my own to find out more.
    It's cool to see there is some interest in it though.

  • lizzycat


    #30165204 - 10 years ago

    Ugh, looked for nearby restaurants. There IS a brewery nearby, within 2-3 blocks Rockbottom Brewery Seattle. Also, right across the street from the Trade Center is The Cheesecake Factory. There's Bambuza nearby on the other side. Gameworks is near there, too, it seems!

    So, anybody else got some ideas? I've got to go put a Nyssa~kitten to bed, her "Chaos Spree" is finally winding down and she's yawning and starting to turn back into lil' angel *phew*.

    Hugs All,
    LizzycatD smiley12.gif

  • neuroslice


    #30165205 - 10 years ago

    This will also be my third PAX. W00T for 07ers!

    Anyway, this lunch idea sounds great.
    There's always Shorty's for great hot dog choices and beer. Also quite cheap.
    Its like an eight block walk from the convention center, but they have old school pinball machines up the whazoo.
    Shit, I can't believe I just said up the whazoo. lol.

    we still got quite awhile.
    So, this lunch; happen it will!

    Also, PAXpeople should add me.
    Because, you know, PAXpeople fucking rock.

    ~Gavin / neuroslice / Slicehawk~

  • Tb0ne


    #30165206 - 10 years ago

    I still say if we do something bigger than a lunch we try to reserve a sideroom at the Taphouse for dinner/beer/shenanigans.

  • lizzycat


    #30165207 - 10 years ago

    Okies, the Taphouse wasn't showing up in my searches before (prob, cuz I was typing in Alehouse like a scatterbrain, my toddler was probably tearing through our movies at that time).

    I found it, though, and YEAH, ITS RIGHT NEAR THE CONVENTION CENTER. Way more do-able for peeps, depending on who we have wanting to come, we should keep it as close and accessible, as possible.

    That one's a definite possibility, as well, lemme link it for others, one sec.

    There we go: Taphouse, Seattle Downtown

    Hugs, hope this helps, NICE SUGGESTION, Tb0ne! smiley0.gif
    LizzycatD smiley12.gif

  • Tb0ne


    #30165208 - 10 years ago

    In reply to lizzycat, #15:

    Yup, I go to school about half a mile from the Taphouse so I know it well. Their happy hour deals are pretty killer too. 2 bucks for a sushi roll and half price appetizers. They also do create your own sampler so you can get four small beers at a go to try more than one.

  • lizzycat


    #30165209 - 10 years ago

    Hubby over here (Rocketsauce) is nodding his head in vote of the Sampler! ROFLMAO

    Definitely a good suggestion, lol.

    Back to the lil' one!
    LizzycatD smiley12.gif

  • Rocketsauce


    #30165210 - 10 years ago

    Taphouse sounds like a winner to me, but what does RT Staff think about it? smiley0.gif

  • ilikeme


    #30165211 - 10 years ago

    In reply to Rocketsauce, #18:

    I'm thinking as we get closer to the actual date and we have a small group of people from the site willing to go we would let the Staff know that they would be free to show up. It would be way to early to tell them about anything now.

  • Laird


    #30165212 - 10 years ago

    In reply to Tb0ne, #7:

    TAPS practically has a table reserved for me and my friends, and this is my 6th PAX.

    Post edited 3/08/09 6:38AM

  • lizzycat


    #30165213 - 10 years ago

    *rubbing hands together in evil contemplation*

    Our plan seems to be coming together so well! Mwahaha!

    The Taphouse sounds like a sweet place to host a little get-together, will still have to feel it out with the others and see what everyone else thinks about having it there, or elsewhere.


    Hugs to Laird, Ilikeme, Tb0ne, and Rocketsauce(I love yoooouuuu!!!)!

  • Andymatron


    #30165214 - 10 years ago

    In reply to Laird, #20:

    Damn right they do, They have a killed BBQ burger and pink beer.
    Only problem with the Tap House is its 21 and older.
    But we managed to sneak a few under age people in last year.

  • lizzycat


    #30165215 - 10 years ago

    Oh, well, nevermind, that's a no-go for us, then. We have an 18 month old that goes everywhere with us. She'll be attending PAX, as she did last year, and she'll have on her PAX stuff, as well.

    So *le sigh* grrrrrr, man, that place sounded pretty good, too. There's no place nearby that serves beer and drinks and allows all ages? I know that some of the PAX attendees who may want to come along to lunch/dinner...may be under 21.

    LizzycatD....*dealing with the whole first trimester nausea right now, ugh*

  • Tb0ne


    #30165216 - 10 years ago

    In reply to lizzycat, #23:

    Next time I'm there I'll ask if we get a separate side room whether we can have underage folk present.

  • lizzycat


    #30165217 - 10 years ago

    YOU SOOOO RAWK, Tb0ne!

    Hugs, cuz we were totally looking forward to that place!

    We'd more than likely be able to bring in a nice-sized crowd and that's money in their piggy banks!