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  • Khazaddum


    #2873684 - 13 years ago

    The Red Alert series of games are some of the best war games that I have ever played. Admittedly, there is not much in the way of tactics, but still - it's easy to play and the graphics in RA2 are superb.

  • AFKeeker


    #6523966 - 12 years ago


  • AFKeeker


    #6523970 - 12 years ago

    Okay, this is still open, so I need help. I am trying to install Red Alert on my new computer, and it says that "Windows 5.1 is running, this is a Windows 95 only program." Is there anything I can do to fix this problem?

  • Famicom_Mike

    Famicom_Mike Nintendork Since 1992

    #6525344 - 12 years ago

    Unforunately no, I guess it just needs to be with the older Windows 95 pc. Believe me, I've tried it on an XP, didn't work.

  • kevin2020


    #6525642 - 12 years ago

    Red alert 2 yuris revenge is prolly my favorite =D

  • ghosthntr117


    #6529967 - 12 years ago

    hmm.. idk, i have RA@ and yuris rev on my xp comp, but i cant do online with it, ...

  • Rory34


    #6554592 - 12 years ago

    the best thing about Ra2 u didnt get a limit of how many troops u get until it lagged ur pc out or filled up the map lol

  • tboy1492


    #6581290 - 12 years ago

    I just finished the allied campain on RA2, its cool. But I have a delima.... I dont know who to pic, America with the seals and paratroopers, or Britain with the snipers?? i wish i could just steal the snipe technology every game...

    MY attack force normaly consistes of:
    30 seals or 45 snipers (or lots of each, if i can)
    45 infentry
    8 squads of hariers
    20 lve's
    20 tanks
    about 25 dogs (most on patroll)
    20 grizzly tanks
    10 prism tanks

    and i try to heavily fortify my base while im at it.

    different stratogies for different maps and opponets, if on the water i get like 30 aircraft carriers, 10 crusers, 10 destroyers, and about 25 dolfins(if I can).

  • tboy1492


    #6581295 - 12 years ago

    you know what? i think i just might go online for RA2 or Renagade later today...

  • DocterGuy


    #6582832 - 12 years ago

    Once playing online i lost all of my buildings except for two power plants the satilite uplink and a pillbox.But i had 11 gardian gi and 9 gi deployed two snipers and 4 chrono legionares.At first they were invincible and i lasted an hour mowing down tanks but the guy i was playing sent about 20 kirov airships and stood no chance.Still i outlasted one of the other guys to come 3rd not last.

  • Chromedomer


    #6594272 - 12 years ago

    Kirovs were always a pain because they take forever to kill with regular AA base defense. But thats where Aegis boats come in...

  • Xorda


    #11190877 - 10 years ago

    If anyone cares...


    Made it myself...