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  • deadchurch18


    #1300050 - 14 years ago

    Ultimate doom is one of my favorite old games for the PC. I play it on my old 98 computer. If you want to download the shareware version click here to download it. Also if you scroll down you can download a star wars mod. Post any codes, mods, or patches here for the game here.

    Cheat Codes:

    God Mode: iddqd
    all weapons and keys: idkfa
    all weapons no keys: idfa
    No Clipping: idspispopd
    Berserk: idbeholds
    Temporary invincibility: idbeholdv
    Temporary invisibility: idbeholdi
    Anti-radiation suit: idbeholdr
    Full automap: idbeholda
    Light amplification visor: idbeholdl '
    Chainsaw: idchoppers
    Select Level: idclev(episode number)(map number)
    Toggle map with objects: iddt
    Display coordinates and heading: idmypos
    Change music to indicated level: idmus(level number)

  • Flaming_TP


    #1300297 - 14 years ago

    To enhance your dooming experience please be sure to visit the JDoom website for an enhanced game engine.

    For textures for the JDoom engine download this and place it in a folder labeled Textures in the Jdoom Data directory. Jdoom works for heritic and Hexen as well.

    For doom music remakes go to

  • Flaming_TP


    #1300336 - 14 years ago

    Also be sure to download the Jdoom model pack for 3d models.

  • deadchurch18


    #1301096 - 14 years ago

    The star wars mod only has about 7 levels actually modded and the rest of them are just the same levels just with different enemys. Also post any mods for DOOM Ultimate here.

  • Flaming_TP


    #1301363 - 14 years ago

    for the best megawads around head here.

  • Zylo


    #1678673 - 13 years ago

    Does anyone know how to get doom to play online against your friends? I can get it to work on networks and direct connections. But not from my cable connection. I would be happy if someone could help me.

  • cydial


    #1680772 - 13 years ago

    wait ultimate doom? i thought it was called final doom?

  • deadchurch18


    #1744202 - 13 years ago

    thats for playstation....ultimate doom is pc

  • Flaming_TP


    #1862463 - 13 years ago


  • Flaming_TP


    #1862469 - 13 years ago

    In reply to Zylo, #6:

    Get zdemon or jdoom for that I believe.

  • CDS_too


    #1878157 - 13 years ago

    Has anyone seen the classic doom mod for doom 3? Its a faithful recreation of the first 5 or 6 doom maps for D3. Although I don’t feel I got my fun's worth out of it.

  • silvrkillr


    #1884262 - 13 years ago

    wow just seeing those cheat codes reminded me of all the countless hours i spent planning the original doom and doom 2. what great dos gaming back in the 90's

  • caboose_i_AM


    #1932959 - 13 years ago

    dead church18 is one of my best freinds so i would like give him credit whrer credit is due

    he is better than me with computers

    he's responsable for half my images

    without him i would not know how to use a computer or what rvb is

    but without me he culdn't have gone crazy for doom

    thanks zac

    you happy now

  • yourmomcow


    #1939208 - 13 years ago

    we talking bout doom3 also?

    thats a fun game

  • LorD_BaZ

    LorD_BaZ FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    #1940517 - 13 years ago

    Not true about the starwars mod. It's a partial conversion which basically means once you complete the 7th level it's over. With doom the mods work in such a way that you replace existing data not add new stuff. There have been ways around it though. As for ports, well JDoom is the eyecandy and the community is hard at work to make high-res textures to match but it's not the only port around.

    ZDoom lives at

    While still using software rendering adds tonnes of new scripting/level tricks. Never thought a doom map could do Cutscenes? Zdoom can, extra monsters and weapons? Can be added. Multi-level hubs meaning you can wander back and forth between areas? Yup. Slopes? Yup. (Hell one guy built a terrain generator using slopes. Impressive work) It's also in a constant state of development despite what the download page says. Zdoom 2.1.0 Is rumoured to be coming down the pipe soon with a couple of new features.

    The Seperate but still vaguely related ZdoomGL port lives at

    This one is someone slower in progress and very much unfinished, but it's heading to new and interesting grounds. Newest version came out a few days ago and is actually fairly impressive. The guy behind it is about to start the total rewrite to the engine taking advantage of Zdoom 2.1.0 and Pixel/Vertex shaders. Should be impressive to see.

    Skulltag lives at

    Skulltag is also a zdoom spinoff based on pure multiplayer. Featuring all sorts of gametypes/power ups and crazy maps it's definately a worth a look for you multiplayer types. Has an announcer and bots. Has most of the features of the current "official beta" of zdoom. I'm not sure if carnevil plans to move to Zdoom 2.1.0 or not, but it's still a fun port.

    Eternity lives at

    A non-zdoom port, this one is somewhat a different direction. It tries to be as true to original doom as possible and still has a dos version. It's a great port that does some really interesting stuff. Releases are few and far between and most changes are in deep where the average player won't notice, but for the mappers and coders it's a good port to have a look at. It was originally going to be the base for a massive RPGish Total conversion by the same guy but that seemed to of vanished into the ether.

    EDGE lives at

    Forgetting EDGE would be a bad move on my part. This one never really got too popular and real-life kinda killed it off, but it's still being worked on. It descended from the first Doom port to do true 3D called DOSDoom and has a true Floor over Floor 3D engine and some purty lighting effects. EDGE's other claim to fame is it's DDF scripting system which basically enables you to modify all sorts of things to extend dooms capability. The biggest problem with EDGE last I played it (and this was a while ago I admit) was it ran somewhat sluggishly. Still, it's probably one to check out for the curious. It had some really awesome maps made for it too and at one time was my favourite port.

    Legacy lives here:

    Legacy... ah legacy. This one has had a chequered history in the doom port story. For some it's never been stable, others it's too bloated, others never had a problem with it. It adds True 3D support and Coloured lighting as well, plus some interesting scripting effects. In the hands of a capable mapper it can do some awesome stuff. Legacy 2.0 has been in the works for ages too and looks to improve some of the criticisms people have had in the past. Also seems that Legacy 2.0 is going to use some scripting features of Eternity and Zdoom in the future too (A journey of new doom stuff for me too it seems :D)

    Also in existance are a few editors like doombuilder, which is a newish level editor with a very cool 3D mode for previewing the level on the fly.

    And if you lurk the forums at either you can find plenty of upcoming projects still in progress. is a fairly handy resource as well if you don't wanna wade through forum dribble.

    Keep an eye out for two projects coming soonish as well. One is the fairly twisted foreverhood at which is going to be very cool when it's done and a crazy one called Deus Vult II. The original came out last year-ish and was freaking HUGE. There were two ways to play it, split into 4 seperate parts to make it easier to play and less cpu-intensive or the unbroken version on Map05 which was so huge and detailed it could slow down many machines to a crawl and that's without the monsters in it.


    That's a teaser shot of the new Deus Vult. Which will be BOOM compatible (Boom is a port that adds many new features to doom but tries to avoid the "unnecessary feature creep" of the other ports. If a map supports boom, basically it'll run on any port quite well. Most descended from Boom, but nearly all of them added features to themselves that made it impossible to run on other ports. a heavily scripted zdoom map won't run on legacy and a legacy map with true 3D and opengl stuff will react poorly to Zdoom)

    Ah, I've gone and hijacked this poor thread with an epic post. And it's only a new thread. The classic doom is still alive and well today, and the maps are getting insane. Like Deus Vult above.

  • caboose_i_AM


    #1944841 - 13 years ago

    In reply to yourmomcow, #14:


  • yourmomcow


    #1945852 - 13 years ago


  • deadchurch18


    #2053822 - 13 years ago

    In reply to yourmomcow, #14:

    yes doom 3 is fun but some people dont have a good enough computer to get it.

  • silvrkillr


    #2054417 - 13 years ago

    In reply to deadchurch18, #18:

    this is why there is doom 3 on the xbox...

  • EverclearBoy


    #2054510 - 13 years ago

    The movie for the upcoming Doom looks interesting as they use camera angles like what you see when playing a game..

  • entaroadun


    #2108389 - 13 years ago

    my friend is the biggest doom fan ive ever met. i wouldnt of even got into doom if it wasnt for him. he even makes maps and is one of the best players on zdaemon. he even has a website:

  • jezza129


    #2259835 - 13 years ago

    skulltag is the best for online play but legacy is the best for solo play (for the sol reason you can play cop/deathmatch with bots. don't belive the system req. they need higher more like p2 for server games.)

  • Pennywise276


    #2261512 - 13 years ago

    Doom is great, it's on my top 5 list. Right under Halo for the comp.

  • LorD_BaZ

    LorD_BaZ FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    #2263512 - 13 years ago

    Hey... damn, where did my foreverhood post go... looks like it got sucked into the void.

    Anyway, There is an awesome standalone total conversion coming out soonish called foreverhood. It looks and plays nothing like doom and looks veeeery inspired by Tim Burton, but not. Basically the guy behind it wanted to see how immersive he could make a world on the doom engine and wrote up a plot and concept. Then he started modifying zdoom to make his game and he's spared nothing making the world look uber-trippy. Many can't wait to play it, myself included. It's probably the most ambitious Doom mod I have ever seen. So much so there is nothing left of doom in it. Go have a look at it's a mod worth looking out for when it comes out. Rumour has it for those that can't stand software rendering (much like everyone outside the doom community) (but don't tell them that) (and that's a whole other kettle of fish) an opengl version is being worked on too.

  • Pennywise276


    #2272807 - 13 years ago

    The soul cube is the coolest wepon in the game.