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  • mercchurch


    #2888536 - 13 years ago

    Doom II
    You know, I REALLY need someone to talk to.
    But hey - is Doom really the Game that started it all?
    Or was it Wolfenstein?
    Well anyway, this is a great place for some General Disussion on the classic Doom games.
    I've had it eversince I was born and have been playing lan parties with my dad since.
    I've actually got it legally now! I'm just about to install the legal version.

    Then I'm gonna kick ass!

  • GeneraI_Beef


    #2888649 - 13 years ago

    Doom 1 and 2 are amazing smiley8.gif got them both on the Doom 3 disk. I always liked Wolfenstein 3D more than Doom 1&2, but hell, Marathon was better than them all smiley6.gif

  • bobmeister


    #2890219 - 13 years ago

    never played marathon (that was the one used in season 3, right) but I have played Doom 1&2. Ive seen Doom 3 played by someone else, too. They are all awesome.

  • invaderflug2


    #2890936 - 13 years ago

    In reply to mercchurch, #1:

    Doom gave the people what theyve wanted all the time, something to kill. the game"captain blood" was a game where you chose whether to help the planets or destroy them. ID probably played this game just to kill every planet in it. [thats what my dad did, either way.] after that, it's history.

    [ dont trust my speculations, it's just my opinion.

  • mercchurch


    #2898256 - 13 years ago

    Well I love Doom II lan parties. Level 7 is a really good level to play on with other people, as a lan party, I suggest with monsters, so you work together to kill them and then turn on each other to get the highest Frag (kills) - this has to be done in a Deathmatch to get the number of kills score to appear.

    I wish you could play Doom II over Internet - well you could download it over Kazaa or Limewire, and if you have some good virus scanners then go for it!

    Or go to an old swapmeet and buy the game for 5 bucks.

    Another thing.
    If you have Doom II or I or any version of Doom other than 3...
    Get something called Doomsday.
    You can:
    * improve graphics greatly
    *improve sound
    *improve just about every aspect of the game
    *Set up multiplayer straight from the game
    *Choose your colour in multiplayer
    *Jump enabled
    *Look up and down with mouse enabled
    *If you have a mouse problem, you can fix it using this program.
    *You can change your controls really easily - everything except what you use to change weapons.
    *Think of it - and they've got it!

    You could then get a harder program and download that.
    More specifically: jDoom

    HEre is a link for the windows version
    Note you will need one of the Doom games to play it.

  • mercchurch


    #2898304 - 13 years ago

    Doomsday really fixed up the graphics of Doom II
    These are some exmaples of the better graphics and wide options that a quick download offers!
    If you've ever played Doom 2, you'll realise how much better it looks.
    You can even put your own music on.

    I took these screenshots just now on Level one.

    Main Menu - stretched a bit, hasn't it?

    All the options you could possible imagine!

    BFG-7000000 ..... Big Friggin Gun with better graphics!

    Main Menu - stretched a bit, hasn't it?

    Rocket Launcher - comes with smoke and guaranteed to leave carnage behind!

    Plasma Gun - the picture itself is self explanatory. Whoever said plasma guns don't run on electricity?

  • Rocker


    #2899038 - 13 years ago

    I dont know I rember hearing that Doom was first. But I never seen Doom 2 before that looks good smiley0.gif

  • teh_pwner


    #2900676 - 13 years ago

    thanx for the Doomday tip ill check it out.
    And yes Doom 2 was a great game

  • mercchurch


    #2901169 - 13 years ago

    No problem.
    If you need more direct links let me know, because it was a pain searching for the right link!

  • mercchurch


    #2901188 - 13 years ago

    So is a direct link to the download.
    That is, if you have Windows.
    If you need a different link let me know.

  • killthem


    #2901721 - 13 years ago

    I remember where there was a mod where all the enemies were replaced by enemies from Half-Life.
    So those annoying burning skulls instead turned into headcrabs and the zombies turned into enemy marines.

    The cyberdemon became a helicopter with rockets.

    Rate of fire was increased, and toughness of enemies was increased.

    This made the nightmare difficulty extremely difficult.

    No, I do not know where you can get this.

  • mercchurch


    #2903765 - 13 years ago

    I know.
    Well there are different versions, so likeI have Doomsday you can get different ones - like Doom Legacy, which is much harder.

    So you can import just about anything if you're good at programing!

  • Keybob


    #2948866 - 13 years ago

    Some crazy folk fixed Doom64 up for the PC, check it out. The monster sprites are good, cept the Cyberdemon, his left foot doesn't touch the ground, but hey, good stuff. Heres some links:

    these are nice sites.

  • Chipper173


    #2952827 - 13 years ago

    In reply to GeneraI_Beef, #2:

    Ditto on the Marathon thing, and I'll tell you why.

    Stories in the old-style FPSs like this always lurk at the back of my mind, and I wish they didn't, because that's when they're in the position to freak me out. If I blast without thinking, which is what Doom is about, I don't really care. If I think about where I am, what I'm doing, who I'm fighting, what's going on, I'm screwed. The game's obsession with visceral violence and Doom guy's love for it (his real name is Flynn McTaggart, by the way) is scarier than any demon from Hell. Marathon is like that, only it realizes this and addresses it. I don't know if that makes me feel better or freaks me out even more. If you don't recall what I'm talking about, Durandal told us in Marathon 1, Habe Quiddam, the following:

    Strive for your next breath. Believe that with it you can do
    more than with the last one. Use your breath to power your
    capacities: capacity to kill, to maim, to destroy.

    Perhaps, you are doing what you were meant to do. Your human
    mentality screams for vengeance and thrives on the violence
    that you say you can hardly endure. Your father told you as a
    child to always fight with honor, but to always fight. Do you
    care about honor, or do you use honor as an excuse? An excuse
    to exist in a violent world.

    Organic beings are constantly fighting for life. Every
    breath, every motion brings you one instant closer to your
    death. With that kind of heritage and destiny, how can you
    deny yourself? How can you expect yourself to give up

    It is your nature.

    Do you feel free?

    You should go to this location
    and retrieve a device that the
    S'pht have provided for us.
    It will allow you to slay more
    Pfhor. Does that make you

    ***END OF MESSAGE***

    Yeah. Marathon went all freaky on you. The enemies expressed frustration at your ability to survive overwhelming odds when they threw away life to destroy you. But the body count increased, Durandal grins in glee as everything goes according to plan, and eventually you ran out of things to kill while sitting snugly on the trigger end of every gun. You killed so much that you became a god for it. Bet Doom guy wishes he could do that.

    But you always had to wonder: What if people are like that? They can become killing machines, and they take no guilt, no fear, no human characteristic. That's scary to me. The kind of scary that Doom packs, but not for the same reasons and ways as Marathon.

  • CabbyCaboose


    #2953110 - 13 years ago

    Well guys, if you get the Doom Collectors Edition or something like that. You get the first 3 dooms (Doom Ultimate, Doom 2, Doom Final). Theres an "IP Connect" option in the multiplayer. I'm not sure if it actually WORKS or not since none of my friends are geeky enough like us to play such a great classic.

    I want to get the old Wolfenstein game. I still have Duke Nukem 3D around...somewhere :(

  • mercchurch


    #2955311 - 13 years ago

    In reply to CabbyCaboose, #15:

    You can get IP connectuion with my opinion

  • mercchurch


    #2955361 - 13 years ago

    In reply to CabbyCaboose, #15:
    (Please ignore my previous post, I was eating a donut and typing one handed while thinking of the Harry Potter movie (it only released today in Australia, and I get to see it tomorrow!)
    Well with the Doomsday (or jDoom) that I have, you can connect via IP.
    And you can make games straight from the menu.
    However I have a problem with my music, sound is perfect, and I can't find a problem, even though dad's works.
    I'll get him to have a look at it, it's a shame without music!

  • GeneraI_Beef


    #2955542 - 13 years ago

    Marathon was and is more scarier than doom ever was smiley6.gif doom 1&2 were....lacking. Marathon also had a storyline. Some people may say Doom has some kind of storyline/plot, but they are just looking to deep into it smiley6.gif personally, for me it was just going from killing one group of monsters to going and killing another group of monsters, not much more than that.

  • mercchurch


    #2955754 - 13 years ago

    I have never heard of Marathon.
    And I never said Doom II was the best.
    I just said it is the first game I ever played, the graphics are very good considering when it was made and it is fantastic for lan parties.

    Also that Jamie Ford - my friend's bf - put Doom II onto the network and now everyone is playing against eachtoehr, of course lacking the mouse and better quality graphics.

  • GeneraI_Beef


    #2955802 - 13 years ago

    you should download Marathon then smiley6.gif you can get all 3 marathons free from here
    you can also get forge and anvil, to make your own maps and stuff. Marathon may be old, but its still great fun smiley0.gif

    this may help in the installing(if your having trouble)

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  • mercchurch


    #2955848 - 13 years ago

    Thank you very much.
    I'll download it at school - I don't want to risk any viruses on my own pc, it's not a matter of trust but of how exposed you are to viruses while you are downloading a file!

  • GeneraI_Beef


    #2955853 - 13 years ago

    lol, get a mac

  • mercchurch


    #2955859 - 13 years ago

    Yeah I should but I worship Windows

    By the way something to brighten the day!

  • GeneraI_Beef


    #2955868 - 13 years ago

    lol, i have a pic sorta like that, except its toilet paper and a tissue. i'd find it, but im lazy smiley6.gif

  • mercchurch


    #2955877 - 13 years ago

    np lol
    Hey I think I've blocked you.

    Remember that arugument over my Windows pic?
    It went up to liek 70 comments.
    I was getting buggered so I deleted it.
    I think I will go and unblock you know.
    Sorry about that.

    (what good is a block anyway)
    (clearly not actually to do with RvB but fits in rather nicely I'd say with the old Xmas ep)