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Black and White 2: CHAT!

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  • Kasimoto


    #3509293 - 13 years ago

    Well i checked and there seems to not be a forum about this. Ok guys just post here what you love about the game, what you hate, what secrets you found withought any guides... also if you never herd about this game then go to It was known to be the best RTS game out. Owned warcraft lll: Frozen Throne. So just chat!




    Also i'm a huge fan over Blackand White 2

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  • Hiryu89


    #3509306 - 13 years ago

    IT owned warcraft 3?!?!


  • lisa054


    #3509332 - 13 years ago

    I played it before, it was really cool

  • Unforgiver01


    #3509395 - 13 years ago

    Played a Demo at E3, it was awsome

  • phil_rebel


    #3511652 - 13 years ago

    it really is a cool game, although i don really like how you can just go and take a city with an army in like a second... and then how on the island im at the archers just "put down" my creature in like a milla second but befor he could stopmp all over there city

    but i like how the creature looks so much cooler and the greaphics are really nice, its a pretty sweet game. but some multiplayer would have been nice.. but being a single player game only has its advantages, the single player is better made.

  • cloudsora


    #3511698 - 13 years ago

    really good game
    the archers rock

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  • kvolt


    #3512113 - 13 years ago

    I played the first B&W thinking it was an updated Populus game since it was coming from the same creator. Well, I was mistaken big time, especially when I found out it was no longer turn-based. Call me old, but that's what made Populus shine back in the day. Anyways, after the bugs and the stupid creature diversion, and everything I heard about this second installment, I'm closing the book on this series.

  • phil_rebel


    #3517723 - 13 years ago

    lol dude.. u know THAT populous came out like ... longer away then i was alive? i like just remember playing populous the begining on ps and it using up an entire memory card, and never continuing cuz i did not have a memory card 2 spare... those were the days

  • omegawolf


    #3523895 - 13 years ago

    I feel B&W 2 is what the FIRST should have been. I mean DAMN! The creature actually follows direction and does more than eat your populace and sleep. There's too much emphasis on Good and Evil though. You have an use it...everyone thinks you're a bad person and the rest is history. Ok, being evil aside, there should be room for taking towns with armies without being pwned in the virtue department.

  • Kasimoto


    #3525803 - 13 years ago

    oh yea

  • viruszero0


    #3553875 - 13 years ago

    lionhead studio makes some great games.

  • theguy43


    #3569860 - 13 years ago

    In reply to kvolt, #7:

    whoa... clearly you didn't play Populus: The beginning... There is a direct assosication between it and Black & White

    and i would seriously reconsider Black and White 2. Most ... if not all the bugs and creature diversions and even micromanagement issues have been dealt with. Plus the city building design has been completely re-invented allowing for sprawling metropolis paradises. (or if your like me, slum ghettos with the occasional ritzy upperclass niche)

  • SgtRobbo


    #3580487 - 13 years ago

    I bought this game, read the System Requirments, yep all good, Installed, played, 10 seconds into the intro monolog my computer restarts, i defraged my computer, re-installed the game, updated my drive, everything possible and it still restarts, and it looked like a kick ass game to = (

    O well, thank God (or what ever religion you worship) for Store Return Items, mo ha ha ha = P

  • ryko

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    #3582851 - 13 years ago

    damn. i wish it were multiplayer on B&W2, hehehe, then it could be massive raping of enemies, if it was coop =)

  • rigatoni71


    #3582983 - 13 years ago

    In reply to Ryko, #14:

    thats a great idea.....

  • omegawolf


    #3583006 - 13 years ago

    B&W 3!! (ok, wishful thinking)

  • Kasimoto


    #3613801 - 13 years ago

    Still a kick ass game