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War Leaders: Clash of Nations

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  • Dman82


    #3574154 - 13 years ago

    From the makers of the famous Blitzkrieg Series. CDV Software has announced their next project for the PC called War Leaders: Clash of Nations.

    Heres the 411 from

    CDV has announced that Spanish development house Enigma is working on a new real-time strategy game titled War Leaders: Clash of Nations. The game, which will be available for PCs sometime in 2006, will make its debut at this year's E3. Clash of Nations will be distributed by CDV, the publisher of many other PC World War II strategy games, such as Sudden Strike and Combat Mission.

    War Leaders: Clash of Nations puts players in the shoes of the bigwigs of World War II, from Stalin to Roosevelt. Players must manage national funds, make diplomatic decisions, ponder political problems, and govern battlefield tactics as they negotiate the dangers of World War II-era Europe.

    By Staff
    Posted Apr 26, 2005 11:31 am PT

    The release date is set for sometime in 2007.

    Click Here to find out more at

    Here are a few pics from the game:






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  • soccer_tk_08


    #3574254 - 13 years ago

    dam i would play that

  • UltraBlader


    #3575225 - 13 years ago

    I am trying to save up for that.

  • whitefroguy


    #3575701 - 13 years ago

    looks good
    but i might not be able to play it

    is it like civ but always in ww2?

  • JP


    #3575776 - 13 years ago

    That looks like a Patton Tank on the left in the 4th picture...

  • One_Rifle

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    #3580035 - 13 years ago

    nice, but im holding out for Company of Heroes love that upgraded DoW engine



    #3581032 - 13 years ago

    did that tank shoot his only ally in the 3rd pic?

  • foxmagic


    #3607743 - 13 years ago

    that looks like company of heroes lol