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PT Boats: Knights of the Sea

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  • Dman82


    #3596601 - 13 years ago

    Here is the latest from

    As its name suggests, PT Boats: Knights of the Sea will let you live the life of a patrol boat crew member during World War II. But you won’t be reliving the exploits of John F. Kennedy’s PT-109 in the Pacific, as the game is set in the Atlantic theater of the war.

    The graphics are simply gorgeous, and the game captures the look and feel of the ocean waves perfectly. Everything is rendered in stunning detail, and we’re told that you can walk around and use every piece of equipment and weapon on board.

    Developer Akella is actually modeling several different classes of patrol boats, including US and Soviet boats. The missions will include submarine hunting, convoy escort, and interdiction of enemy coastal infiltration.

    Since patrol boats often worked in teams, you’ll be able to jump between your boats, and you can man any of the positions on the boats. Multiplay will support cooperative gameplay. And for rookies, there will be an arcade mode where you can speed around blowing stuff up.

    By Jason Ocampo
    Posted May 14, 2004 3:32 pm PT

    The game is due for release sometime this year.

    Click Here to find out more at

    Here are a few pics from the game:






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  • SuperFreak_7


    #3596777 - 13 years ago

    looks fun

  • How_Terrible

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    #3599007 - 13 years ago

    kick ass

  • Tulkass

    Tulkass FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    #3600345 - 13 years ago

    sweet. i may have to pick this up

  • JP


    #3603104 - 13 years ago

    I don't know, it looks like it could be repetitive, like I said about the game Black, I'll probably rent it, unless it's a PC only thing.

  • foxmagic


    #3607768 - 13 years ago

    thats awesome

  • S1apSh0es


    #3611739 - 13 years ago

    Frikkin awesome

  • technogrunt


    #3629124 - 13 years ago

    wut consol is it for

  • MynCstarman


    #3631000 - 13 years ago

    Looks a bit like that one B-17 Bomber game where you can play as any character in a B-17, if you beat the game you can play as any character in the nearby area. [Aka you can transfer to a fighterplane that's in combat by hitting the J button. Did that once while the plane was in the middle of a dive. Whoops?] It was a fun game but it was really really hard. Bombing took alot of practice, very realistic. Graphics were eh, but they were about the same quality as what this one seems to be looking like. Those look like X-box and PC screenshots. 1,3, and 4 look like they're PC shots with an iffy vid card, the second one looks like a X-box shot that's uncompleted. Same with Five.