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  • ThePinkie


    #3605415 - 13 years ago

    Anyone ever heard of this game? I was looking up some stuff and came across it. It's a free game that seems to be a lot like Runescape but with a lot better graphics. It's a game under constant developement and while it's not anywhere near being finished it's kind of a fun game to mess around with. Just go here to learn more about it. Just thought some people might be interested in this game. Give your own reviews and what you think of it in this forum cause I would like to see what everyone thinks about it.

  • Turtleguyy


    #3613985 - 13 years ago

    ya, looks like a really popular forum here pinkie smiley0.gif lol, idk, i think ill finally sell my rs account, im gettin more into makin our games than playin rs. i dont want to start a new 1, i might get addicted. again.

  • Ih8simmons


    #3615816 - 13 years ago

    I'll check it out once I'm done looking at my illegal porn.