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  • AFKeeker


    #3622415 - 13 years ago

    Taken from Dark54555, this seems to be a great way to consolidate all those links into one place, rather than taking up more and more thread space. I for one am looking forward to news about Diablo 3. Can't wait!

    OK, I think you know how this works.

    Post any news link that will generate less than 5 posts of geniune discussion. "That's cool" or "that sucks" is not genuine disucssion.

    DO NOT DISCUSS ITEMS IN THIS THREAD. Rather, express approval through the appropriate +1, and respond to bad news with +1 zing!


  • Pixie


    #3626541 - 13 years ago

    Because of the nature of this area of the forums, pretty much every news story will be connected to a game, and if it isn't it is usually sufficient to gain enough responses to get its own thread.

    Appreciate the sentiment though.

  • Pixie


    #3626549 - 13 years ago

    Also, there is a links thread in General Gaming if you feel the need to be totally off the wall.