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Day Of Defeat: Source Free Weakend

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  • HacknKill


    #3673433 - 13 years ago

    Day of Defeat: Source is the latest version of the WWII online action game from Valve®. This weekend, everyone is invited to try DoD: Source for free. Join the ranks as Axis or Allies troops located in Western Europe during the height of the war in 1944.

    Install Steam and then you'll have everything you need to try DoD: Source for free.

    Is anyone going to be taking advantage of this great offer? I wish I could but I am away from my home PC most of this weekend so I will not get as much play time as I would wish.

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  • Arcarsenal


    #3673447 - 13 years ago

    My comp is being a bitch to me now so Steam cant even connect online for some reason
    damn missed oppurtunity >_<

  • Frazzer


    #3673483 - 13 years ago


  • SirDeeSee


    #3673581 - 13 years ago

    My computer would spontaneously combust if I even tried to run anything :Source on it.


  • elpato84


    #3674445 - 13 years ago

    I'm trying it. It's pretty nice.



    #3675974 - 13 years ago

    It does look good and the gameplay is pretty nice. But I need to upgrade my video card and ram for it to run smoothly. I'm so pist is didn't run smooth. My choke was like at 45. My ping was great though. Fps give or take 25. I'm glad they gave us a free weekend to test it, cuz i woulda been even more pist if I had bought it.

    Is there anyway I can bring my choke down at least?

  • nofxmn1


    #3676825 - 13 years ago


  • frogiggy323


    #3678416 - 13 years ago

    I've been taking advantage of it since yesterday!

  • 3van


    #3683920 - 13 years ago

    Yah, I played it at one of my friends' houses. His dad was getting it installed. It was pretty damn fun.

  • longy


    #3688622 - 13 years ago

    I keep getting an error >.<
    Oh well, i really think i'm going to buy this though, been planning it anyway but now i know my computer runs it... well.. *hee hee*

  • HacknKill


    #3690577 - 13 years ago

    I played it for like 1 hour last night, it was ok, prefer CS:S though

  • corbor4


    #3691281 - 13 years ago

    i tried desperately to get this thing installed in time to play it once, but have you ever tried to download 600 something megabytes over dialup?......................its just...........................the horro.........................THE HORROR!!!!!!!!!!

  • HacknKill


    #3691290 - 13 years ago

    it took me over 150 minutes and I was on 512!

  • lanmonkey


    #3691310 - 13 years ago

    I got it but wasn't able to play it. is it available to play forever after you download it? or can you play it just for the weekend?

  • HacknKill


    #3691314 - 13 years ago

    it's over now, it's preloaded ready, but you have to pay

  • Tulkass

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    #3692249 - 13 years ago

    hahahahahaha moron

    anyways. Man it was good to play again. I forgot how godly the Mp44 was. and big of a bitch the 2nd american flag can be when entrenched by 3 snipers and 2 mgs :D

  • Rye_G_Dragon


    #3696873 - 13 years ago

    My father formatted the PC and he won't let me install NOTHING until he is satisfied about how it is run and if all his programs work well..

    I can't install a single game and steam would be my first choice. All well I guess I can't try DOD source for free (I wanted to try it before I buy it and see if it is worth getting it besides Improved graphics.)

  • Jer909


    #3698335 - 13 years ago

    I pre-loaded it for the weekend and compared to CoD 2 it was a really big let down. I was so hyped about staying up all weekend and playing it but after a couple of hours I coudn't play it anymore and switched to CoD2.

    I still love and play CS:S though.