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Dual graphics cards

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  • caboose147


    #3682125 - 13 years ago

    Does anyone really know the advantages to getting a computing with dual nvidia graphics cards? Would it have the same effect as putting say 2 radeon 9250s? I was just wondering

  • MrCrow


    #3682157 - 13 years ago

    i think the nvidia cards would do better just because i trust them more then radeon

  • NamelessPlyr


    #3682795 - 13 years ago

    A dual-card graphics solution supposedly increases performance(and, in the case of ATI's CrossFire implementation, some AA enhancements IIRC), from what I know. Not much else to it.

    I also can't speak from experience, as I have never used a multi-graphic card solution. Not nVidia SLI, not ATI CrossFire, not even good old 3dfx SLI. Review sites seem to show that multi-card implementations provide a healthy FPS boost in some cases(not necessarily double, though), although it could actually run worse than in single-card mode.