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Halo 2 for PC thread.

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  • duncan_stive


    #3693086 - 13 years ago

    Post news etc here. I know Halo 2 for PC threads HAVE been a no-no but in case you havnt heard:
    Bungie announces Halo 2 for PC

    Bungie's Home page also features another artical about it.basic facts for those to lazy to look:
    It will feature a map editor (SWEETNESS!)
    It will be designed for Windows Vista (everyone will already have it by the time the game is released so quit your bitching)
    A Mac version has not been ruled out

  • duncan_stive


    #3693107 - 13 years ago

    MODS: I know there is another thread but its a mess so I thought a more official and/or proffesional thread was in order.

  • duncan_stive


    #3693141 - 13 years ago

    um.. I totally didn't see it.. sorry about that..

  • AFKeeker


    #3693206 - 13 years ago

    Can we get a news release on the front page so that people realize, YES, WE KNOW. Did you actually search? Cause if you did, there would be about 5 other hits as well as the one listed. PLEASE STOP MAKING THIS THREAD!!!!!