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The Chronicles Of Spellborn

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  • Wickens


    #3712719 - 13 years ago

    Has anyone heard of this game? I'm currently beta testing it, and from all the sources on the internet (as I am bound by the NDA to say nothing) - it sounds like it will be really interesting!
    An MMORPG based around the idea that items and weapons have no bearing except looks, one of the big factors is the amount of customization when you make your character. You can look however you want from the start; Like a cleric could be wearing full plate, or a warrior in cloth. Little funny sounding, but I cant wait to see what fullscale PvP is like so people wont be able to call out the healers, you'll have to learn a different strategy for PvP I think.

    Combat is more FPS style where you actually have a target reticle you have to keep on the person you are attacking.
    Skills are based on a skilldeck with multipul teirs.
    Use one skill, the deck rolls over to the next teir and then there are different skills on that teir, and can help you to make devastating combo moves.
    You also build the skilldecks based on what skills you are good with and what combo of skills work best.
    It's using a version of the Unreal 2.5 engine, and so far looks pretty good.

    The dev's are VERY active in the community both inside and outside of the beta test and they really look at peoples suggestions.

    Anyway, take a look and sign up on the board, it will automatically enter you for a chance to get into beta.

  • HacknKill


    #3713378 - 13 years ago

    Once it is released, will there be a monthly fee?

  • Wickens


    #3713566 - 13 years ago

    Yea, it's an MMORPG, any MMORPG that doesnt have fee's turns out like GW's. Not that I dont like that game, but a true MMORPG that you pay a monthly fee to me is alot more fun because of the content and not having everything being instanced.