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  • Housebreaker


    #3761849 - 13 years ago

    This is the official forum for the The Movies game.
    If you wanna go to the site heres the address:

    Anyway at this forum talk about all your movies you've made, mods, updates on the site or anything that you've experienced in the game. I've wasted many nights on the game making long movies, one movie I made took me 14 hours in a 2 day period and it lasted 6 mins. Here are links to Rudeboy9 and my movies (we made them together): TimeSplitters: Time to Split City of the Dead DOOM

  • Finding_Emo


    #3761903 - 13 years ago

    Yeah, just because YOU call it official, that makes it official. So from now on you can just call me the Official Finding_Emo, ok?

    Why does every idiot call their thead "official"???

    Oh and learn how to link, not one of them is done right

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  • Housebreaker


    #3761915 - 13 years ago

    sorry i screwed up big time

  • Housebreaker


    #3761933 - 13 years ago

    Ok the only reason I called it the official forum because no one had made a forum like this. And I'll sort out the links.


  • Finding_Emo


    #3761934 - 13 years ago

    dude just because someone has never made a thread on this before, doesnt on this plannet or any other make it oficial. You know what WOULD make it official? If someone from Lionhead Studios made it, not some 15 year old

  • Pixie


    #3762217 - 13 years ago

    It's not even that noone had made a thread for The Movies before either.

    Also, this is a thread, not a forum, for your future reference.

    Finally, when you search for a thread, please select "the archive" from the drop down box at the end, unfortunately it defaults to "last 30 days".