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Star Wars Battlefront 2

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  • Traitor99


    #3788340 - 13 years ago

    I made this thred to give people a place to share the coll things they've done or how good they are at Star Wars Battlefront 2 and possibly give out they're xfire names if they have one so we can become one big star wrs battlefront 2 ass kickin family

  • Juticar


    #3789900 - 13 years ago

    heh, haven't done any cool stuff (all thanks to my computer lagging almost all the time) but i would defintly join, MadMax1.0 is my X Fire

  • tahog


    #3791821 - 13 years ago

    o would buy the pc version if it did not lag so much

  • tahog


    #3791827 - 13 years ago

    meant to say i would

  • TXGFFreAk


    #3792679 - 13 years ago

    SWBF2 is awsome man! I just love the space battles! The flight system has really been overhauled since the original... where the only folks that could fly ties of x-wings were the guys that fly all the planes in Battlefield 1942/Vietnam/2

    I just love diving into a CIS Trade Federation Capital ship landing bay with a fighter running and gunning to the shield generator, then going back to the bay only to find my fighter gone! At which point I'll steal a bomber!

  • Typhrus


    #3792889 - 13 years ago

    space fighting is crap in battle front 2 should of just kept it to either dog fighting or land based battles
    but a good game other wise

  • TorontoVice50


    #3794875 - 13 years ago

    Never played Battlefront 2 yet.....Battlefront 1 was awesome though