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  • targetdummy


    #3803574 - 13 years ago

    Wow. Can't believe there wasn't a thread on this?!

    Anyway - just like to say that I think Quake 4 (Q4) is awesome smiley11.gif It kicked Doom 3's butt that's for sure smiley8.gif which felt more like a warm up for Q4. Better AI, better story... just... better.

    Now with news of Quake Wars, Q4 has been some good training ground, for it's release. Nice work Id/Raven/Activision smiley0.gif

    See EA/DICE... this is how it's done smiley4.gif Sorry, couldn't resist the kick smiley1.gif

    I thought the movement physics were a bit sluggish but was good to see that it was planned for a reason. Nothing like getting a new pair of legs is there? For those that don't know... keep playing smiley8.gif All well executed with enough left over for the cosmetics and the usual Id/Raven "touches"...

    Man I'm leaving this here. I'm starting to sound like a review now smiley0.gif

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  • Finding_Emo


    #3803597 - 13 years ago

    Yeah because this one from 9 months ago is about a different game called Quake 4...

  • RoadBlock

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    #3803600 - 13 years ago