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Starcraft vs. Tiberian Sun

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  • Gamer064


    #3831756 - 13 years ago

    Wouldn't it be cool if the two best RTS's of all time faced off? Blizzard's Starcraft vs. Westwood's Tiberian Sun would be perhaps one of the coolest video game face offs of all time...

    heres an image of what it might be like....

  • dreamcast717


    #3831818 - 13 years ago

    Holy hell, your last one was locked because it's a versus thread. Then you make it again.
    Stop making this thread.

  • AFKeeker


    #3832171 - 13 years ago

    Stop making threads in general.

  • AFKeeker


    #3832176 - 13 years ago

    In reply to dreamcast717, #2:

    Is it possible to have a HOLY hell? smiley8.gif

  • Gamer064


    #3833628 - 13 years ago

    why cant i talk about two of my favorite games facing off? theres nothing wrong with talking about two games facing off in one game.... its like a fan-fiction....

  • RoadBlock

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    #3833632 - 13 years ago

    Don't recreate this thread again. Keep this in your journal, if you must.