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New game scarier than Amnesia: SLENDER

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  • TGamingPlaza


    #15296394 - 7 years ago

    There is a new horror game out called Slender. It is terrifying. My friend sent me the download link, he told me not to look it up, or watch anything about it. To just play it and record it. So thats what i did. I now know that i scream like a bitch XD
    I also have another video of me doing facecam trying to collect all 8 pages, and my friend screams in the skype call to scare me. I really need to man up!

    Link to me playing for the first time:
    Link to me been scared on facecam:

  • BigFuzzyDude


    #15296530 - 7 years ago

    There is already a topic for this game

  • TGamingPlaza


    #15297775 - 7 years ago

    Sorry i wasn't aware, link?

  • LtGrayson10

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    #15298970 - 7 years ago

    dude that game is terrifying. I liked your video. Especially the bit when you first saw him and you go "right...ehh right." My sentiments were very similar.