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Games on steam for a PC beginner?

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  • Mike

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    #16529767 - 5 years ago

    Age of Empires II.

  • PirateBabe


    #16529762 - 5 years ago

    Im pretty new to PC gaming... actually Im pretty new to all kinds of gaming. I recently joined Steam and could use some recommendations on what to try.

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  • Mexcellency


    #16529778 - 5 years ago

    Torchlight 2:

  • demon0496


    #16529828 - 5 years ago

    Well that depends on what you like, I generally only play horror or really old games that are only for PC, like Half-Life or Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

  • PirateBabe


    #16529856 - 5 years ago

    In reply to demon0496, #5:

    Ive played both Portal games and loved them, so aside from puzzle games, I don't really know. Im not so good with jump scares so I don't know how well Id do with horror games.

  • Arcanon_Noir


    #16529861 - 5 years ago

    What kind of movies do you like? There's just so many games that it'd be easier to narrow it down if we have something to go off.

    For games that are on sale I'd recommend buying the Indie Bundle 11 from Humble Bundle. Humble Bundle you pay what you want. So for instant, this week you can get Dust: An Elysian Tail, Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, The Swapper, and Guacamelee! Gold Edition for as little as $1 or you can beat the average to get Antichamber and Monaco plus whatever they add to the bundle. Make sure to link your Steam account so the games will be added to your library easily.

    Otherwise the only game I see on sale on Steam at the moment would be Hammerwatch but I'm not sure if you'll like that kind of game.

  • PirateBabe


    #16529867 - 5 years ago

    In reply to Arcanon_Noir, #7:

    Im really good at guessing the endings of movies so anything that can surprise me at the end is a winner. I also like fantasy and sci-fi.

    Thanks for the suggestions, Ill go look those up now :)

  • Arcanon_Noir


    #16529881 - 5 years ago

    In reply to PirateBabe, #8:

    You're welcome, also check out Humble Bundles Weekly Sale for even more games.

    Just in case, the most popular games that are being played today according to Steam are Dota 2 (free), Team Fortress 2 (free), Counter-Strike, Civilization V, Garry's Mod, Skyrim, Rust, Football Manager 2014, DayZ, and Banished.

  • wubwave


    #16529879 - 5 years ago

    Team Fortress 2 is what I started with, it's free doesn't take too much PC power wise

  • TashaxLotus


    #16529898 - 5 years ago

    Do you like point and click games with more of a story base, or more of an action game?
    Lume is a nice p&c puzzle type of game
    Bastion is an RPG, has a nice story
    The Book of Unwritten Tales is a point and click, adventure type of game. Has some funny dialog and easy flow
    If there is a sale going on I say get Peggle for fun cause its just nice to play
    Im pretty new to PC games as well but I know I like story based point and click games or RPG's really. Causal games i guess smiley1.gif

  • demon0496


    #16529934 - 5 years ago

    In reply to PirateBabe, #6:

    I hate horror games that are nothing but jump scares. I also hate horror games that don't have any purpose or story. I like immersive, scary horror games that will make you fill with dread and for the longest time, nothing happens. I mean, Amnesia: The Dark Descent will have you absolutely terrified when nothing is happening, that's how immersive it is. Plus the scares are not jump scares, but when you see them, well, you still will sh#@ bricks!

  • wyndy

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    #16530166 - 5 years ago

    While not a fan of the game myself, Braid would probably suit you if you like puzzle games like Portal.

  • Cove

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    #16530180 - 5 years ago

    Bastion is a great game and it's usually on sale. Also, The Walking Dead is fantastic and really gets you thinking (not to mention the story gets you instantly addicted).

  • Duncan


    #16530332 - 5 years ago

    Half life games and maybe some Papers, Please

  • The-Rackoon

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    #16530704 - 5 years ago

    Everything made by Valve is a good starting place for PC gaming.

  • Pontte


    #16530761 - 5 years ago

    Since it's free I'd suggest Loadout, and the Xcom games are also great and since they are turned based you don't have to be used to gaming since you can take your time smiley0.gif

  • jpps

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    #16530936 - 5 years ago

    In reply to Mike, #1:


    Anyways, look at what is free. Pontte mentioned Loadout, there is also Gotham City Imposters, Team Fortress 2, etc. Any Elder Scrolls game for the modding factor.

    What are you looking for, like what genre? Also are you looking for something to test the PC? If you are not sure and just looking for whatever, check out what Arcanon_Noir mentioned with sales and diffidently keep an eye on the Humble Bundles both weekly and monthly sales. Let what is on sale guide you.

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  • emad88

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    #16531035 - 5 years ago

    I'd say Garrys Mod. It's a great game if you just got steam. The only reason I got steam is because it was a CS:S GMod deal. I still play steam to this day and have spent around 200-300 dollars. Steam usually puts GMod on sale because it's just a great game.

  • default_ex


    #16531073 - 5 years ago

    In reply to PirateBabe, #8:

    There aren't all that many good sci-fi games out there, especially for PC.

    Shooters that come to mind are System Shock, Mass Effect, Half Life and Metro 2033. The latter at first glance looks more like a horror game but that's such a minor element to it.

    Adventure/Platformer would be Advent Rising and Beyond Good and Evil. Exceptional games that are available on for very affordable prices with all kinds of extra goodies (digital artbooks, sound track, walkthroughs, etc).

    RPGs would be Anacronox, Arcanum and the original Fallout games. The latter two are based on GURPs system which is similar to D&D system in play. The prior is a turn based RPG that has a lot of similarities to Final Fantasy 7.

  • CupOfMuffin


    #16531304 - 5 years ago

    If you're into open world games, then I'd seriously suggest Skyrim or Fallout 3. They go on sale pretty often, and you could probably nab them for about $15, but they're such amazing games. It's what got me into gaming in the first place c:

  • LazerBallsV


    #16531339 - 5 years ago

    FTL and Mount and Blade Warband

  • jdog90000


    #16531489 - 5 years ago

    If you want to play some intense sci fi stuff, play the mass effect series if you havent played it on consoles. Sleeping Dogs is an awesome gta like game.

  • robuto


    #16531715 - 5 years ago

    Steam is full of a bunch of very good free games. There is a good variety in genre and most of them have relatively low system requirements. Its a good way to see what kind of games you like, with out investing to much into games that you might not enjoy

  • Robo-Foxx


    #16531776 - 5 years ago

    Depending on your computer, if you want a good free sci-fi game, you can try Warframe, that game is pretty fun to play and has some interesting mechanics as well. If you don't mind building games and know about Minecraft and Terraria, Starbound would be a nice pace as well. Its 2-D but really fun to play.

  • BreadVsGlue


    #16535024 - 5 years ago